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June 23rd! Be there…

Ask For Janice


“…the best in men’s clothing. Call Woei’s Boutique and ask for Woei and the number is (010) 404-8531. That’s Woei’s Boutique and they’re in Rotterdam.”

On second thought…

Re-hearing Blonde Redhead’s ‘Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons’ a couple
of weeks ago with my friend Bart ‘Hottie’ H. and paying attention to the lyrics
for a change caused me to adjust my opinion on the record. I thought it was
nice ’n good or ‘okay’, but it isn’t. It’s really amazing. Now Blonde Redhead is
always amazing –and if you’ve never seen them live, try to do that at least
once– but their albums are really from another planet. Or another country at
least. Let’s call this country ‘La France’ for no particular reason. Or for the
reason that they sound assez french (I also have the 12″ ‘Melody Citronique’
which kind of is a french and italian sung bonus to ‘Melody of…’ and holds a
very charming version of Gainsbourg’s Chanson de Slogan to exuberantly
stress the point I just made). But there isn’t just France and french stuff to
find on Blonde Redhead albums. George Harrison’s ‘The Beatles’ are a band
that apparently also made it to the record stash of our three heroic friends and
of course there’s lots more going on. (Do forgive me my rather unsubtle ways
of constructing a reference frame for all you readers and readettes.)

When listening to that heartbreaking music and FINALLY reading what this
record was all about, I nearly choked. I’m serious, I couldn’t breath and I
felt sweaty ’n nervous. It doesn’t take a mindreader to know what that means!
Yes jongens, I was instantly in love with those three people I had seen so
often (I once even interviewed Kazu with my friend Danielle in the Paradiso
quite some years ago without feeling what I feel now). I imagined the three
of them chance meeting when they were sharing a room while studying ‘The
Arts’ at some English, or New English, boarding school. Instantly knowing
they were born to be together forever and ever, they started a band.

Funny little trivia:
As I was re-hearing this album I’d just finished reading Oscar Wilde’s ‘The
Picture of Dorian Grey’ (a sort of 19th century ‘American Psycho’ and a wild
Must-Read for all you hopeless romantics!) and noticed someone in the Blonde
Redhead gang had done the same, as you can see here:

I heard someone say
That mind keeps wondering from desire to contempt
From contempt to desire
Never ever feeling bored. Cause we think we are free.
I think it’s so pathetic. Don’t you ?
Were you listening to me. No not even one word.

It was especially from reading the phrase ‘Never ever feeling bored’ in relation
to the rest of it, I instantly recognized the whole stanza to be a ‘Lord Henry
Wotton quote’ (although I’m guessing he’d call it ‘ennui’). Needless to say I
judged the last lines ‘Were you listening to me. No not even one word.’ to be
directed straight to myself, since I hadn’t heard one word of these excellent
lyrics on earlier occasions. Well, I guess today’s lesson is: it’s never too late
to find real beauty in your own damn record collection.

You talk about some good gezellig.

After the HuMobisten’s latest attempt to export the almost intranslatable word ‘gezellig’ until it reaches the same degree of importance as another dutch word ‘apartheid’ (meaning you-know-what) some people, like one George W. Bush from Texas, are catching up fast with this new speak. Now that’s The ‘In’ Sound from Way Out!

Eventually we’ll win…


Those fascists bombed us on the 14th of May 1940. But now it’s 2007 and we Rotterdammers move on. The lights in the sky symbolise the area of the whole old city-centre which was completely destroyed within just 10 minutes.

More info about the project here. You can also see a lot of pictures here and
on Flickr.

photos by norbd & doktr sigr.

Big ups to Mothership an Manuel Kneepkens!

A ‘brand’ new day


It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back

neem alsjeblieft mee, die troep!


Deze koninginnedag kocht ik slechts twee platen. De ene heet ‘Liselore’ (1974)
van Liselore Gerritsen en de ander heet ‘Ik heb het tegen jou’ (1978, ook van
Liselore Gerritsen). Ik kocht ze op de Prinsengracht en ze vielen me voor het
eerst op doordat ze bijna wegwoeien. Bijna ‘hup!’ zo de gracht in. Samen
hebben ze vijftig centen gekost. De in oranje pet gehulde vader die ze me
verkocht, gebood me ze mee te nemen op een manier die de titel van deze
post wel verraden heeft. Ik kende Liselore Gerritsen helemaal niet. Dat ligt
natuurlijk nergens aan. De eerstegenoemde plaat klinkt Shaffy-ig, de tweede
is een stuk Joni-ig’er. Maar het leukste is nog wel dat ze allebei enorm ‘Liselore’
zijn. Ik had altijd al de stille hoop dat Liselore Gerritsen wel moest bestaan.
En godzijdank, dat doet ze ook! (maakt tevens nog altijd platen, zie alhier.)

Een voorproefje:

Liselore Gerritsen
In Memoriam

Haar mond zingt in memoriam
Voor hen die het verstaan
Het is een in memoriam
Voor de dingen die vergaan
Een in memoriam, gevangen in een zucht
Bij haar dagelijkse ommetje voor de frisse lucht

Haar hart klopt in memoriam
Het klopt nog steeds teveel
Het is een in memoriam
Dat trommelt in haar keel
Een in memoriam dat hamert in haar bloed
Als ze vraagt
Hoe zit m’n haar
En hij niet kijkt
Maar zegt
‘t Zit goed

Haar buik klaagt in memoriam
Opdat ze niet vergeet
Het is een in memoriam
Als ze is uitgekleed
Een in memoriam, dat dreigend in haar klinkt
Als hij ‘s zaterdags haar aanraakt
Tenminste, als hij drinkt

Zo leeft ze in memoriam
En leeft dus eig’lijk niet
Want dit in memoriam
Is geen afscheidslied
Geen in memoriam van wat dood is dat verdwijnt
Maar een in memoriam dat de toekomst zwart omlijnt
In memoriam wat er ook komen zal
Want wat er morgen gaat gebeuren
Dat herinnert zij zich al



Tonite I have a double premiere in Amsterdam. I’ll be doing my new performance
called ‘Tweeluik: De Stille Oorlog / Lawaaivrede’ [subtitled: Rufus.K has declared
WAR on Performance Art] at the (H)OT SCENES Festival at The Overtoom 301
By the way, I recently came up with the name ‘Al Gore-Fest’ (in case I ever get
to name a pop/rock festival?) after I saw An Inconvenient Truth, which also could
have been titled Al Gore-Fest, but that’s for some other time… Back to Amsterdam
where tonight my short film ‘For Your Love – dansportret van een Urban Prins’,
starring the legendary Marcel A. Wiebenga (I) also is premiering. Come check that
out as well as Roel van Tour did both camera and editing on this one and Benny
the score to this weird and comic flick.

Hope to see you there!

Check it out on TV and Radio!


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Radio Rijnmond


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