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no memories to remind me of the old me

One of my favourite songs for a while now is the following ‘easy to relate to,
LCD Soundsystem after- afterparty anthem’. Last night I ran quite a distance,
cleaned my kitchen, redecorated my house and slept alright for the first time
since way too long. I considered praying but instead played this song (twice):

James Murphy
Too Much Love

What will you say when the day comes
When it’s no fun
When it’s all done
When it’s no fun

What will you say when the time comes
There’s a dry run when it’s undone
And there’s no one

When it’s too much love
Too much love
Too much
It’s too much love
Too much love
Too much

What will you do when you wake up
Fatten you up
Fasten you up
Fatten you up

No memories to get cloudy
To get cloudy when you can’t see
What you can’t see

It’s all the same when it’s morning
And you’re boring
Still ignoring everything

No memories to remind you
Of the old you
Nothing for it
Just keep it up, keep it up

With no memory
With no memory
With no memory
To keep you up at night

Homey Universalis taught the scene to p.l.a.y.


Tonite Fem and I will ‘moderate’ a sort of graphic knights of the round table conversation after we see the film ‘helvetica’ and before we play cd’s with the huiskamerhits pack. Doei!




This years first city campaign (with me), more to come, laughter…

Sjakie en ‘Jan Hart’


‘Because life’, as Forrest Gump said, ‘is like a box of chocolates’.



I’ve put many of our videos on YouTube and even more will follow. Now you can Add them (finally) in your blog or whatever. Have fun!

So besides AntenneTV they will be on air on YouTube aswell!

Hip Hop 2600


Back in the days Michael Jozias and me made this flyer for my Hip Hop 2600 parties, that eventually never popped up. I guess it had to do with (of course) money… I think it was in 1996 or 7.

Your homey’s tape deck gets wet You my pet, my poodle chicken noodle’s on the rise Open your eyes and see my life Rap moves on to the year three thousand!

Dr. Octagon

Homey Universalis NL Tour 2007


And here’s a picture of the ‘skatebored’ exhibition on tour. Wei, Eindhoven, 30 maart – 08 april, 2007. In the back there you can see two paintings of the talented planker/painter/inventor of the ‘bied niks’ generation, Tijmen Visser. More on him later. Thanks for taking and sending me this picture, Robert Rosenau!

Münster ’93 or ’94


Look what those German terrorists did with our bikes…

Geoff, me, Willemijn, Denny D and Randy.
Goshh we were so young then!



I finally finished my short video (6 mins.) Schwarzkopf. I am very happy with the result. I will show you more info about it soon.