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Tomorrow night it’s party night in the Amsterdam Studio 80. David Gilmour Girls (mentioned on this website earlier) release their first full blown album entitled ‘Vultures’. I heard it already as someone slipped me a promotional copy last month when DGG played rotown at The Infamous Mudclub, a new Rotown dancenight hosted by Monica Electronica and Josz Lebon. Hell of a dance night, everyone! Make sure to be there next october 11th as Yelle (from Pa-reeh) comes to entertain the Rotterdam elite of thursday clubbers. Anyway, back to tomorrow and that extraordinary band. DGG made a really nice punk/rock fuelled disco album. it’s still growing on me and getting better each time I hear it. (Funny detail: Voicst’s Tjeerd Bomhof sings lead on the cleverly written “…and if I say I love you, it’s probably Tourettes” song ‘Young Rats’. If you’re still not convinced of attending, behold this line-up (besides of course a DGG live set): DJ-sets by Typhus Hideous, zZz , My Little Soundsystem, 100% Vooraan, (again) Josz Lebon, Kid Reve, Minx Pilot, RFH Delfos and maybe even DJ Postmodern, or was it Postrock? Either way, bound to be great fun!

flyer’dam the book


edited by: Gyz La Rivière & Fleur Kolk
published by Veenman Publishers, Rotterdam
2007, 224 pages. Design: 75B
ISBN / EAN: 978 90 8690 107 4

This book wants to expose the sound and beat of Rotterdam. And not by presenting photographs of bands or the crowd or the interior of some random club, but by flyers of those particular club nights. They tell us a story of design, love of form, the transient processes, trends and imagery of certain times. All aspects of nighttime youth culture and the nights themselves will be taken under consideration. Flyers will tell a story without words, they are part of something bigger. (The La Rivière Tapes – flyer’dam)

Many reviews have been out there. Check out the ones in Items, NRC next, AD/RD and NRC Handelsblad.



talking about exhibitions, dude! I am really proud on this one…
flyer’dam at showroom MAMA, last summer.

photo: Frank Hanswijk



This August we had a groupshow at Artis (Den Bosch), which was called ‘Double-A-Side’. Besides the works (above) ‘09.11.2001’, ‘Pommes Frieden’, ‘Double Dutch’ and ‘Google’, ‘HuMobiza’ and my ‘Jan Hart’ were in the show. ‘HuMobiza’ and ‘Jan Hart’ were in the Stedelijk Museum of Den Bosch. Besides us there were a lot of other artists involved like Tai Shani, Rob Churm, Steven Claydon, Caron Geary, Heidi Kilpelainen, Ursula Mayer, Mario Mentrup & Volker Sattel, Angie Reed, Maaike Schoorel and the very special human being Martin Waal.

Check out the review in the NRC Handelsblad from August 14th!
There were also two girls from the Willem de Kooning academy
who made this PDF about us.

More pics from Double-A-Side? And oh yes, we were also in London!

Tourism 3


August 14th, 2007
Brugge, Belgium

Old News


Last september twelve, Rotterdam (architectural) design studio Bureau Lakenvelder created a melancholic farewell to Sybolt van Ravensteyns Rotterdam Central (train) Station by resetting the CENTRAAL STATION (central station) sign to TRAAN LATEN (which means something like ‘to shed a tear’). The ‘old’ central station had become the symbol for the post war reconstruction of our beautiful city, but in the now of course it had to make way for a more convenient central station, more compatible with the hedonistic post post modern, urban lifestyle that we all enjoy so much.

photos: Jeroen Musch

To end this post on a somewhat lighter note here’s something that reminds me of both the old station leaving and the subtle sign change, in the ultra joyfull (or at least I feel so) and rather filosophical ‘ode to the now’ in the form of parliament’s lyrics to their anthem ‘fantasy is reality’, coming from their splendid ‘Osmium’ album. (It’s my own transcript, so please feel free to leave comments on them in the comment section, for I’m pretty sure that for example the “its defier…”-bit just can’t be right):

Fantasy is Reality

Fantasy is reality in the world today
Well I keep hanging in there
That is the only way

Recollections of what granddaddy used to say
Keeps me hanging in there
That is the only way

My mind is mine and mine my mind will always stay
No way of life will make me law’s gonna take it away
I’ve seen the light, I’ve tasted the blood of his soul
and it tells me to come on home, yes it tells me to carry on

Fantasy is reality in the world today
But I’ll be hanging in there
That is the only way

Recollections of what granddaddy used to say
Keeps me hanging in there
That is the only way

I’m free because I’m free of [the] need to be free
I’m free because the night is watching over me
and its defier, it will forever protect me
showing me we’re all from a heart, so that I can carry on

Insanity is normality in this time and day
But I’ll keep on hanging in there
That is the only way

Recollections of what granddaddy used to say
Keeps me hanging in there
That is the only way

NEW Rotterdam shirt!


This shirt is made by me, and is now for sale at the Peek a Boo shop. Also the Smiley shirt I did is for sale at Peek a Boo.

I used to be a semen


As a sort of sequal to my last performance ‘De Stille Oorlog / Lawaaivrede’ tomorrow night it’s time for a somewhat more introspective piece. For all of you who are desperate to see that, buy yourself a ticket for the spectacular ‘Hele Gave Huiskameravond’ allniter at the Swedish Seamen’s Church where I’ll be doing my new performance ‘Peter Teps and so Do I’. It all starts at 7 (pm) and ends ’round eleven (pm) and stars This Leo Sunrise, We Love People in Bearsuits (I’m especially looking forward to see that one!!!), Rufus K (but I guess you already suspected that), Dedan-Jah Jonker and Kalasjnikova. More on them (again) here.

Thank you Isis Vaandrager (for helping me out in the ‘what to wear’ department) and Bart ‘Mono’ Hoevenaars for your timing.

a message for the earth people

Kool Keith’s playing the TODAYSARTFESTIVAL in The Hague friday the twentyfirst of this month. In that same festival’s something called ‘nacht van de lauwe cultuur’ at the King Kong Gallery and Nadine and Nanna aka CCDD (Cool Cats Dont Dance) play the Asta that saturday the twentysecond.

News on my upcoming performance (Peter Teps and so do I) on this Saturdays’ Hele Gave Huiskameravond at the Swedish Church (Parklaan, Rotterdam) later today.

Modern Times

I found it through Ford Feel the difference would love it!