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Fleur ‘The First Lady of Rotterdam’ Kolk


sometimes I am lost
sometimes I make a mess
sometimes I doubt to much
sometimes I just go crazy
sometimes I feel I am not ‘there’
sometimes I am dumb
sometimes I hurt you
sometimes I want to be free
sometimes I am sad
sometimes I dance
sometimes I want to change
sometimes I drink too much
sometimes I am busy
sometimes I am under the influence of drugs
sometimes I am scared
sometimes I panic
sometimes I am frustrated
sometimes I am depressed
sometimes I am happy
sometimes I am strong
sometimes I cry

But you’re always there.
And that ‘sometimes’ is the old me,
but it will always somehow be me.
Love is a feeling, but it’s also a decision.
I am not afraid anymore,
and I don’t care what people think.
Cause I choose
and want
to be with you.



corporate identity (HuMobisten, 2007)
client: sonicacts
October 2007

The Corporate Identity of SONICACTS consists of blocks or pixels. These are the main ingredients of a computer and so many other things nowadays. We made this identity for the sonicacts festival, which is mainly about computer art and electronic music. Their logo is that there is no logo, as you can see on the picture above. Actually there is a logo, we just zoomed in on it. Because of this ‘something’ happened. That ‘something’ is what sonicacts stands for. At least in our opinion. That something is called data or philosophy. Damn..! I like this one…

Meet the Maestro


campaign design (HuMobisten, 2007)
client: Int. Film Festival R’dam & Kunstgebouw
October 2007

We were asked (for the third time) by the International Film Festival Rotterdam and the Kunstgebouw to design an identity for their annual educational project called ‘Meet the Maestro’. During MTM, a super talented and obstinate film director will be the focus of attention.

things to do in Texel…


voor Jan

what holds you up?!?!


Tonight it’s party time in Rotterdam for Les Savy Fav will play the clubhouse. Their latest album ‘Let’s Stay Friends’ is only one of the most amazing albums you’ve heard this year and to underline this point, here are the lyrics to one of the best songs to base an understanding of reality upon:

Les Savy Fav
Brace Yourself

before I was a war I was a sword
before I was a tree I was a sea
before I was a cliff I was a canyon
before I was a feast I was a famine
before I was a day I was a dawn
before I was a prince I was a swan

before I was a corpse I was a kid
before I was a cloud I was a grid
before I was a crush I was a kiss
before I was a got I was a wish

brace yourself

before I was a word I was a sound
before I was the sky I was the ground
before I was a stone I was a hill
before I was a wheel I was a will
before I was a bird I was a kill
before I was a wash I was a filth


it’s a living


Tonite I’ll be doing my latest performance ‘Peter Teps And So Do I’ at Wohnzimmer. Come see me and (amongst many important others) Hausmagger, yes jongens, YES! (’round 10 pm. / entrance = 2 euros).

It’s at the Oude Machinistenschool, at the Willem Buyteweg 45 (just opposite the Oude Kantoor van de Belastingdienst often referred to as ‘plukmekaalstraat’). Show up, bitches!



We were invited by the International Film Festival Rotterdam to be in a pitch, for
making a new campaign for the next episode of their festival. This was one of our
sketches. We really like it, they did too, but we didn’t win it.

When finishing this piece we saw the ads for the new Andy Warhol exhibition from the
Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam using an 1982 advertisement from TDK with Andy.
Rufus and I were inspired by the same TDK advertisement that we found a long time ago through YouTube. Really weird that some things really hangt in de lucht

Time is sometimes really weird..


Super damn funny!

I found it through the MONOBROW blog.
And read the interview MONOBROW did with us!

out of office – auto reply


I’ll be out of the office until monday october 22nd. Bye! / Ik ben weg, mazzel!

Megatron, Soundwave and Douglas

‘Whopper met kaas, alstublieft’
- Whopper cheese
‘en medium Franse Frietjes!’
- Medium Fries

Waar is
die geluids