Already a happy new year

Long time no hear! Lots has happened in the meantime though. A new year
has come (this one), I’ve been in Friesland (a northern, tranquil part of the
Netherlands) for a couple of days with some of my best friends, I saw a
presentation Gyz did on the pecha kucha night at Locus on his latest brilliant
thing called Jan Hart (I call it latest, but I’ve been hearing about this thing for
the last six years or so, so it’s not really new for me… However it’s becoming
realer and realer every day now, so… there!), my DVD ‘Homey Universalis’
is spreading through the country like it’s an oil stain (SOON ON YOUTUBE!!),
I finished the artwork for the new mono album called ‘Populism’ and think
it’s become pretty nice myself (to be released next march, more info on that
right here), AKA 47 and me started this new band called ‘Het Internet’, we did
our first show at De Buck’s slide-night and will be doing a DJ-set at the Sauna
release party february 2nd, so don’t you miss that. By the way, bookmark
or better yet, memorize our URL which you can find right here (soon on
myspace also!).

Last, there’s the HuMobisten being back on the block and presenting a WHOLE
NEW INSTALLATION at this space called ‘Atelier als Supermedium’ in Rijswijk
of all places, where they were invited to participate on the exhibition Nothing
more beyond
by ‘top-koerator’ Niels Post (not thát Niels Post, another Niels
Post – or in case you already thought it was the other Niels Post: ‘Yes! that one,
but there’s also another Niels Post and that’s this one.’). Other participants are:
Kim Engbers, Erosie, Marcha van der Hurk, Jeroen Jongeleen, Niels Post and
Helmut Smits. Florentijn Hofman took care of designing the interior of the bar
(which those of you who, like us, saw the recent exhibition ‘Champagnetherapie’
already had an opportunity to see). DJ’s are DJ Hitmachine and DJ Bravo, who
some of you might know as flogsters Jaqisoft and JK and who might or might
not (who knows these things?) have been inspired by the semi-legendary
HuMobisten performance ‘De Dubbele Booking’. Anyway, dressing up and
‘not knowing exactly how to spin’ seem to be connected big time, more than
we could have suspected back in the day anyway.

Anyway, if you want to come and see that (It’s thursday january 18, starting
at 8 (pm) and it’s ONE NITE ONLY!!), be smart and send an email here: That way you’ll get informed about the
shuttle busses going to-and-fro (if one can use that expression like so) The
Hague and Rotterdam.

If, however, you’re just not going to make that one special night, we have a
surprise for you, because the HuMobisten are also going to show the same
‘piece’ they’re showing in Rijswijk in The Hague at exhibition space Baracca
(more info on that as soon as the flyer’s done!) during this event called De
Haagse Rondgang
. Mind you that The HuMobisten shall also be playing their
records that night. Yes, jongens!

Loads of links there, but the best one might still be here.