Anna Nicole Smith is still alive


I did this logo and the flyers/posters for monthly masterblaster Hip-Pop’ers at
Off_Corso. Tonight’s the second edition starring Civil, D.E.F., Rockid, Lucky Dubz,
Chally Cha’bana, Pappa DoellOØs, Seanie Sean and Monkey Crew. On mikes
there’s Mattie Mo, Perry Mystique and naturellement, Neerlands’ hoop in blanke
dagen, Bradda Bass. Make sure you’re there! Starts at eleven.

Before eleven I’ll be hosting the Willem de Kooning Academy’s Heldenavond,
that means tonight I’ll be discussing succesful living after graduation with Susan
and Amie Dicke. and afterwards there’s Lucky Dubz again (great minds think
alike, or as AKA 47 would put it “we’re all children of one father…”).