Applaud friends, the comedy is over

It’s good to be back. Because of some new hi-tech stuff it took us a while to get back to blogging like we used to. When I say ‘us’ of course I mean Gyz who’s in charge of ‘modern stuff’ in our little HuMobisten concern. The best of our upgrade is definately that our comment window’s back in business, so feel free to leave comments, be critical of us or just say hi when you’re in the neighbourhood.

Well, Holidays are over kids! On the one hand I sure missed bloggin’ as tons of shit to be blogging about happened, while on the other it’s all the same old bull and when you’re unable to post anything for a while that sure becomes painfully clear. Apart from thinking about our own blog I’ve been reading/seeing some of other peoples weblogs and had a lot of fun with that:
First of all there was the Rafael Rozendaal ‘check these youtube films out’ blog, but in the meantime Rafael already moved those activities to the official TAGBANGER log, which you should definately visit by clicking here.
Then there’s a guy called Kosmik (dutch bloggers only) who writes mostly about music and food (recipees all over the place), probably one of those characters who appreciates ‘the finer things in life’. Pretty funny though…

And of course we’ve been busy YouTubing the hell out of our workstations. A funny thing happened; The legendary HuMobisten short film ‘Porn Droids’ got banned from YouTube, apparently webmasters and welders are both as afraid of foulmouthing. The good news is that you can still see that cult classic on the underground online community of Antenne TV, right here. What I think is really funny about all this is that one can still see this film like it has nothing to do with porn whatsoever. It is one of my alltime favourites though. Wanna see thirty-nine of my other favourites? go here. And if you want to desperately see me soon, why not start today and come to the Melkweg where the once-pretty-cool-straightedgers of Gorilla Biscuits play one of their reuonion shows. See tourschedule and listen to some tracks on their XmyspaceX.

Oh, and –on a personal note– I’m pretty much lovestoned if you wanna believe it! nice…


  1. D
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    Dank in ieder geval voor de muziektips die ik uit je youtube lijstje heb gehaald.
    En een verlate ‘hallo’ vanaf de wereld van Witte de With ;)

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