Before Urban became Urban


In the last weeks Fleur Kolk and me visited a lot of people to get their flyers for
our upcoming book ‘flyer’dam’. So today I’ve got thousands of Rotterdam flyers
in my atelier-space (see here some nice ones), and by getting them from a lot
of people round town, you end up in a lot of, O yeahs, That was great!, remember
this?, Goshh then I was Fucked Up!, an on and on.. It feels like ‘They Reminisce
Over You’ with Pete Rock & CL Smooth, you know.. A lot of beautiful flyers have
crossed my eye, for real, and you end up with a lot of stuff you haven’t seen for
a long time. Like this article above in the Rotterdams Dagblad (1995) for example,
where you see Woei and me (left circle), Denny D (middle circle) and Jermain
(right circle). Damn… the four musketeers hanging out at the Urban Unit (where
I used to work back then), totally stoked to see this article back. I spoke about
Jermain in a previous post, and yes it’s his book, and I am mad proud! Urban,
Lifestyles, you know the talks, we popped this Erasmus-wize in ’96. Talking about
Musketeers, you got to read today’s Metro.