This August we had a groupshow at Artis (Den Bosch), which was called ‘Double-A-Side’. Besides the works (above) ‘09.11.2001’, ‘Pommes Frieden’, ‘Double Dutch’ and ‘Google’, ‘HuMobiza’ and my ‘Jan Hart’ were in the show. ‘HuMobiza’ and ‘Jan Hart’ were in the Stedelijk Museum of Den Bosch. Besides us there were a lot of other artists involved like Tai Shani, Rob Churm, Steven Claydon, Caron Geary, Heidi Kilpelainen, Ursula Mayer, Mario Mentrup & Volker Sattel, Angie Reed, Maaike Schoorel and the very special human being Martin Waal.

Check out the review in the NRC Handelsblad from August 14th!
There were also two girls from the Willem de Kooning academy
who made this PDF about us.

More pics from Double-A-Side? And oh yes, we were also in London!