Duitsland over alles


Thomas Säckl & René Schmalschläger used to team up making art & parties that were basically always themed ‘social exclusion’. The last thing Thomas was working on, was liberating the Germans (particularly those living in Holland) from dutch people still displaying hateful attitudes towards germans because
of a war that went on over half a century ago and could have happened, I guess, practically anywhere. Let’s not forget that jews weren’t exactly ‘nice to see you!’ in any European country (including The Netherlands) during the (late) nineteen thirtees.

I remember very well that Säckl & Schmalschläger came to our studio to discuss what we could do on their ‘Day of German Pride’ which was of course bound to take place on may 5th, the day Holland celebrates their end of the second World War. We came up with a video dialogue between Apollo & Dionysos (to take place at the Goethe institute), but it didn’t matter ’cause the Säckl & Schmalschläger beer garten at the Unie wasn’t funded or found important enough by friends in high places. Anyway, all’s well that ends well, we finally transformed our Nietszchian thing into the performance known now simply as parting and René Schmalschläger somehow made it happen and now next saturday there’s a posthumous tribute to his friend Thomas Holger Säckl as DJ’s Zoran Leipheimer (klik hier en zoek op ‘de partij van Fancy’!), FNNNN, Hendrik Mokry (Berlin) and image makers 113B turn the Unie into
the Einu and make alle Menschen Brüder.