exploderend onvermijdelijk plastiek


Before you forget, TOMORROW we present our new work, entitled ‘Pommes
Frieden’ in het Putje van Den Haag at the infamous Atelier Als Supermedium.
Click the double outlined square on the left here at ‘GO SEE!’, if you got real
curious about that one.

Then, next Saturday… it’s fun time in Rotterdam again. If you want to go see
Cornelis Bastiaan Vaandrager live on stage, you shouldn’t miss out on the
national premiere of John Buijsman’s Public Animal. I already saw a sort of
preshow on last years’ Motel Mozaique Festival and believe me, it’s just
amazing. Buijsman obviously is a big fan and underlines Vaan’s genius and
creative ability to get lost in a world of modernist fairytales and plain hilarious
ideas. “Pijn, verdwijn!”

Or should I go and see Bart und Ernst, AC Berkheimer and Peter ‘Teps’ de
Koning at the Hele Gave Huiskameravond (#2). The first starts at 8, the
latter at 8.30. You just can’t have it all… Well, I guess I already made my
mind up. Maybe I’ll see you there!