Graffiti Polonaise


In Polen schrijven ze de beste dingen op de muur. Zie ook ome Gyz rechtsonder in het hoekie. In Polen hebben we flink gelachen en gechilld, maar daarnaast heb ik ook fijn een boekje uitgelezen (wat al weer veel te lang niet gebeurd was). Vandaar gelijk maar even de boekentip, die wel weer in het engels mag.

Book Tip! My special friend Yke Schotten recently gave me a copy of Paul Austers Moon Palace. Somehow she must have guessed I could be into it. And I am. If your life —like mine— lacks adventure, read this and in no time you’ll be making plans of your own. No use telling you mine. Nice extra is that one of the main characters also (like Gyz) really admires Nikola Tesla and, at the end of Tesla’s life, gives him ten dollars to buy some bird feed. (did you know Tesla died a N.Y. street bum?)

Right now I’d like to read a book called Hip by one John Leland. After a brief discussion with my man Siebe (Mr.) T at Crime Jazz about ‘what being white is like’ and ‘what being black got to be like’. So, keep you posted about that one… soon.