Some thirteen years ago Victor Vroegindeweij and Oscar ‘Ruud’ Disco were a Rotterdam Terror Duo video taping everything they could within the time they had outside their official bedtime, including flatlining friends and the Rotterdam incrowd at gallery artshow openings. Apart from this the two youths came up with ideas for art shows themselves, were both hilariously portrayed in the Ben Phone Book and were quite known for all kinds of jokes and the inventing of legendary things that would never actually take place, bands that would not really exist and so on.
Victor grew up to become an actual tv and film maker and Oscar, I think, studies production design at the Film Academy and still is a character (after a brief period of being called Keesie Kamikaze and Mirodrag Pavlovic, he is now called ‘Spandex Mutilator’). Time seperated our two heroes, one of the two now lives in Amsterdam and the other stayed here in the mighty city of Rotterdam.

Tonight they will be reunited on the Barbosa Victor film night. Ivan Barbosa and Victor
Vroegindeweij will be showing their latest cinematic adventures, Oscar Disco (completely in style not on the flyer) will be playing some records afterwards together with Mike Latina and Mietze B of the Drunken Lion SS and myself, the Black Dog AKA Homey Universalis. Come and join us for party at:
ZAAL DE UNIE, Mauritsweg 34, entrance without flyer: TWO EUROS!!!