AKA 47 asked me about my ‘lijstje’ (record list) for this year on another website
recently. It didn’t take me very long, I haven’t been paying attention too much
since there’s always those years you simply can’t play anything but thirty year
old (or older) records. 2006 was one of those years. Here’s ten I did buy,
download, listen to, or just like a lot:

1. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and Tortoise – The Brave and the Bold
Though early in the year I haven’t forgotten about it and played it endlessly.
The album consists of only covers either Prince or the Tortoise fellas like
a lot, includes a great version of DEVOs ‘That’s Pep!’, an awful ‘Daniel’ (’06
also was the year I got into Elton John a lot… but that’s for another post)
and a heartbreaking version of The Boss’s ‘Thunder Road’.

2. Belle and Sebastian – The Life Pursuit
If you have this you know why, if you haven’t… well, buy it!

3. Surkin’s Frooty Mixes 1 & 2
Works for dancin’, works while workin’ / *****

4. Air – Charlotte Gainsbourg’s 5:55

5. Liars – Drum’s Not Dead
Sometimes it seems everyone is into quality music and the world’s playing
Coco Rosie like there’s no tomorrow. I don’t know but that shit makes me
feel really nauseous and there’s only one cure: Drum’s not dead, baby!

6. Ghostface Killah – Fishscale
‘A Kilo is a thousand grams, it’s easy to remember’

7. Duvel Duvel – Dion en Duvel presenteren: Whisky op de Aperotz
On the legendary (download only) follow up to Aap-O-Theek, Duvel kind of
hints to why he didn’t want to have anything to do with ‘the scene’ anymore
‘Breek me de bek niet open, want het zit me tot hier met die papi’s die stoken.
Ze lopen te klieren, ’t is niet te geloven…’

8. The Magnetic Fields
Although they’re way old I just discovered them this year. ‘69 Love Songs’
are, well, 69 very introspective love songs that are so painfully personal that
they somehow become universal… Daar gaat het natuurlijk om!’

9. Yop – A Ltd. Lion Pup
This year I was introduced to a fellow named Jop Euwijk. I believe he’s also
the very core to a band of which I forgot the name, but fuck it… I never
heard that band, so what’s there to say about it. Anyway, he also recorded
a solo album named ‘A Ltd. Lion Pup’ (see the cover artwork above) that’s
just so unbelievably good. Well written, adventurous and unmistakably very
much influenced by the mighty Brian Wilson in both songwriting and weirdo
production techniques. Here’s a (pretty young) guy from Spijkenisse making
the album I write longest about in this years ‘lijstjes post’. Pretty bizarre, ey?
‘Where can I get my unworthy hands on a copy of this King-Arthur-and-The-
Nights-of-the-Round-Table-style legendary album’ thee asketh!?!? Just follow
this blue rabbit and click A Ltd. Lion Pup on the right.

10. Go see Amsterdam band Eva Braun live, they’re cute and good. A sort of
what ‘Safe As Milk’ would have sounded like when The Captain and the Magic
Band would have been born in 1965 Wormerveer. NRG!!!!!!!!!!!