Mind The Lap


I know a girl whose ass is just so amazingly hot I’d like to build some sort of monument for it. This probably will be a sort of silicon ‘torso’ of her body taken from just above her bellybutton going down to halfway her upper legs, in a sort of ‘moving ass towards sun’ pose. Man, that would be something! Real life size would do for me, I’m not Sir Mix-A-Lot. I do remember though, once creating the dutch hiphop AKA Sir Duim-A-Lot and his megahit ‘Naar bed, naar bed!’, but that’s for some other time.
In one of my many researches on the world wide interweb I found the Hizamakura Knee Lap Pillow. It’s made from polyurethane (skirt material: polyester). Now imagine getting yourself a Daisy Lowe lap wearing this awesome skirt, wouldn’t that make one of the best christmas presents ever? Just thinking out loud here…