My Life in Pictures


The last eight or nine years or so I didn’t really have a camera. But of course
now I do, as everyone who has a mobile phone (so, basically everyone)
practically also owns a camera. My nokia comes with the handy option of
either buying a memory card in order to keep more than the fifteen pictures
one is able to hold in phonestock due to a really small built in memory, or be
pretty much a curator-style photographer and judge every photo to be ‘better’
or ‘worse’ than the already sustained archive up to that point.

Me liking fun and games and disliking going out to a store and asking about
memory for phones naturally chose to become this curator style archivist. So
if you’re interested, these are their titles/explanations, left to right:

My new studio mate Cathelijne / A very weird poster in which a Martin Air
stewardess decides to go scuba diving immediately after leaving the plane /
113B at J. de Maats house / Bart Crowno / Lex van Merle at the Witte Aap /
At the Jumbo factory for the Marcel Luske Poker set / Chilling with Jeroen
Al Sabbagh / Eline and Mees sit ’n go heads up before the official Birthday
Party starts / Jurriaan makes a joke and laughs / Salon HuMobist Meinhard
likes toast / Hidde van Schie still tired from his holidays in Denmark / Catja
and Frank doin’ the really nasty / Sad Menno at Barts house / N. Post, C.
Breijs, M. Haring & E. Walgenbach all star in the new mono video directed by
M. Duijn / Louis Vuitton at George V / me at Van Speykstraat / Der Versucher
in Amsterdam / A. Kil Administratiekantoor / My friend Deniz has a whole
new, really cute little doggy / Mom and Jurriaan on a train to Paris