Nog twee nachtjes slapen…


This thursday it’s Witte Donderdag, that means if you eat at Warung Mini you have
no reason to leave Witte de Withstraat all night. First, from five to seven, there’s the
75B opening at the Willem de Kooning Academie Galerie Blaak 10, moksie or soup
afterwards and then be sure to be in TENT. at eight o’ clock sharp, where I’ll be
hosting the long awated animation night, starring short films of (amongst others)
Manon Bovenkerk, Revolver, Jan van Nuenen, Waanzee, Ckoe, Ranj, Urrebuk,
Volop, Coconino, Matthijs Vlot en Max Maas and a ‘best of’ selection of students
from the before mentioned Willem de Kooning. All these films will be deconstructed
by the godfathers of the Rotterdam animation discours, Han Hoogerbrugge and
Hans ‘Sapperredosio’ Wessels.

After that it’s every man for himself, so I’ll either be seeing you in Tiki’s or at
a birthday party in IMAX, or maybe even not at all. Although the latter’s pretty
hard to imagine. Bring your Miss Piggy T-shirts everyone!