Tonite I have a double premiere in Amsterdam. I’ll be doing my new performance
called ‘Tweeluik: De Stille Oorlog / Lawaaivrede’ [subtitled: Rufus.K has declared
WAR on Performance Art] at the (H)OT SCENES Festival at The Overtoom 301
By the way, I recently came up with the name ‘Al Gore-Fest’ (in case I ever get
to name a pop/rock festival?) after I saw An Inconvenient Truth, which also could
have been titled Al Gore-Fest, but that’s for some other time… Back to Amsterdam
where tonight my short film ‘For Your Love – dansportret van een Urban Prins’,
starring the legendary Marcel A. Wiebenga (I) also is premiering. Come check that
out as well as Roel van Tour did both camera and editing on this one and Benny
the score to this weird and comic flick.

Hope to see you there!