REMF means Rotterdam Electronic Music Festival, which means the sultans, myself and other people will be attending the Acid Mothers Temple show at Worm tonight, it also means we can go dubsteppin’ at WaterFront, or check out Skurge at the Bootleg. All for the cost of one simple ticket. Tomorrow it’s still REMF galore and I am invited to open the Wild Dancers Union party night at the Club Zonder Concessies (AKA Off_Corso Chill) with a wild DJ set. Apart from that a wild line-up of DJs and other performers will be blasting the hell out of that damn basement. Here’s who:
Tony Carlos (UK), Rocco Stiletto (ITA) Kaus Wunderlich (KR/CR) Kosa (KPU) Koen Mooij (SPNS) Bond voor Wilde Dansers (R) Los Ballerinos Licenziosos (Poortugaal) and others will rock 23 to 5! (don’t have a festival passe partout / day ticket? 5 euros at the door!!!)