the festival scene is beautiful, man…


Just like last year, HuMobisten made the IFFR (International Film Festival Roffa)
educational side project design. It’s called Meat The Maestro. This year you’re
going to meet Gus Van Sant (who might just be attending this years’ festival!!!).
That would be something. Gyz and me are big fans. I remember seeing ‘My
Own Private Idaho’ in the early nintees in the Melkweg Cinema and ‘Even Cow-
girls get the Blues’ around the same time in the ‘Filmhuis Delft’. It was then that
I first saw miss Uma Thurman. I was in love with these films immediately. Later
I rented Drugstore Cowboy (starring Bill Burroughs as a priest on smack, if I
remember correctly) and much later Last Days and Gerry. I haven’t seen
Elephant yet. I don’t know, it’s just sitting there in my house, staring at me,
saying ‘ahhhh… you don’t want to see me… yet!’. I don’t know why DVDs do
that, but they do. I remember when I saw ‘To Die For’ (at Venster) it was maybe
one of the first times in my life that I thought ‘I know this stuff from my own
life and I must remember to never act the same in a situation like so and so…’,
in other words, it may have been the first time I had seen a film about some
drama that had occured to me once, even BEFORE I had seen the movie. The
same thing happened with Good Will Hunting in a way. So, in retrospect, either
Gus Van Sant was studying my life secretly and from a distance, or I was
actually not just having a life, I was living one. That’s always a nice thing to
recognize I guess.

Anyway, besides Gus Van Sant there’s tons of great films one obviously can’t
see anywhere else just yet. I already got tickets to go see the Zidane film, the
Daft Punk film and the Rotterdam Shorts, but I guess that’s about it for me. I
don’t know but it seems harder for me to go see films ’round the end of january
every year. It doesn’t trouble me so much, though. I’ll see the lot of ’em
throughout the rest of the year. I guess I just spend too much on trying to
booze the early darkness off. We’re officially a month and four days past the
shortest day in the year by the way. Things are starting to look slightly
frolicsome even.