Two random things without any connection


Above on the image there’s Jozsef Kiprich. Gyz and me were discussing him this
morning and were kind of hoping he was originally from Poland. Alas he was from
Tatabanya, Hungary and was therefore nicked ‘The Tatabanyan Magician’ by the
legendary Feyenoord legion. Jozsef played soccer for Feyenoord from 1989 ’til
1995 in a most peculiar way. I guess his sort of Andy Kauffman-esque mannerisms
were his significant trademarks. That and the fact that the Feyenoord legion, not
exactly the easiest fanbase to cope with, really embraced him as one of their
favourites ever since he began playing for Feyenoord. They’d made a one word
song for Kiprich that went like so: ‘Jóóóóó-zsefff!!! Jóóóóó-zsefff!!! Jóóóóó-
zsefff!!!…’, and so on. Sang by the legion it sounded nearly like a hymn, sung
for a guy who scored goals (accidentally?) with his back instead of his feet,
stood in one place for minutes with his arms crossed, but usually just walked in
the right place at the right time. ‘A genuine soccer cult hero’, says someone
on this one-and-a-half-month long going forum discussion ten years after he’d
left the club. On the same page you’ll find a guy stating ‘I’m really an Ajax fan
(Feyenoords’ lifelong Nemesis), but I thought Kiprich pretty much was the boy…’.

Seeing Gyz post on the newspaper review of his outstanding Tesla party made
me think of a website I tend to regularly browse through for at least ten or
fifteen minutes. Merlin Bronques takes pictures at parties and puts them on
this site called Last Nights Party [subtitled ‘where were you last night?’]. The
site’s up since 2004 and shows (mostly) New Yorkers described by the New
York times as “the downtown demimonde” in this article here. Its greatness
obviously lies in the immensely fascinating/aggrivating attitude of those portrayed.
Oh well… and besides that their elitist, urban je-ne-sais-quoi occasionally gets
me real fuckin’ hot alright.