Tomorrow night it’s party night in the Amsterdam Studio 80. David Gilmour Girls (mentioned on this website earlier) release their first full blown album entitled ‘Vultures’. I heard it already as someone slipped me a promotional copy last month when DGG played rotown at The Infamous Mudclub, a new Rotown dancenight hosted by Monica Electronica and Josz Lebon. Hell of a dance night, everyone! Make sure to be there next october 11th as Yelle (from Pa-reeh) comes to entertain the Rotterdam elite of thursday clubbers. Anyway, back to tomorrow and that extraordinary band. DGG made a really nice punk/rock fuelled disco album. it’s still growing on me and getting better each time I hear it. (Funny detail: Voicst’s Tjeerd Bomhof sings lead on the cleverly written “…and if I say I love you, it’s probably Tourettes” song ‘Young Rats’. If you’re still not convinced of attending, behold this line-up (besides of course a DGG live set): DJ-sets by Typhus Hideous, zZz , My Little Soundsystem, 100% Vooraan, (again) Josz Lebon, Kid Reve, Minx Pilot, RFH Delfos and maybe even DJ Postmodern, or was it Postrock? Either way, bound to be great fun!

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    Zie je daar, slutmunch.