Yes Logo!

Some time ago a guy called Ryutaro Uchiyama from the Japanese Publishing Company BNN (Bug News Network) emailed us to see if we wanted to participate on a logo book he and his company were making. Time passed and just when I had forgotten about the whole thing the mailman yesterday handed me a small parcel. The book (called ‘LOGO A LOT’) turned out great! Not only does it look swell, the participants are ace as well. Designers in there vary from people I had never heard of before creating the finest logos you’ve seen so far, to long time heroes such as Peter Saville, Trevor Jackson, Me Company, Experimental Jetset and 75B. We participated three times. As HuMobisten, Gyz La Rivière and Rufus Ketting, nice going huh?

PS. One thing went slightly wrong though. The ‘Rotown Magic’ (obviously a Rotterdam based foundation) logo wasn’t just designed by the HuMobisten, That actually was a hook-up with Hans Foks, who now runs a graphic / advertising bureau called Vuurrood. Check him out here.


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    Bravo! The book seems to look nice and its content as well. I really like the Krakatau logo; it’s one of my favorites!

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    Gaaf! En leuk dat Maartje ook iets voor jullie gaat doen.