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er wordt wat afgetapt…

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For those five of you who have not seen my legendary ‘Peter Teps and so do I’ performance, this saturday night I’ll be tap dancing at the Off the Road Show at Off Corso apart from tons of other legendary performances (I’ve heard some talk about a twelve year old magician and a hybernating cowboy, can’t miss out on that!). Beware audience, there’ll be only 100 of you, so RSVP as fast as humanly possible! here’s the resevation address:

Nice film on Daan Blanche and the Off the Road Show on YouTube.

oooh baby, baby it’s a wild world


For years I try to make art, while my brother and his girl give it one single try and look what they come up with. Earth people, here he is: Gabriel, probably one of the best babies to ever been born. It all happened last friday night march 14 2008, while you guys were having diner, watching tv, drinkin’ beers, seein’ exhibitions, kissing strangers, getting robbed, or maybe even giving birth yourself. Here’s to life!

photo: grampa Aad

Denk mee!


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Tourism 6


March 6th, 2008 DVD

Tourism 5


Some things can’t be told…

Home was anywhere with diesel gas…

I’m not exactly sure but I think ‘Mareike’s Housewarming Party’ (2005) is a project by both Max Maas and Herjen Oldenbeuving. They made this short registration of their house warming slash installation slash performance festival in which they invited people over to a housewarming party of one Mareike (as unmistakenly portrayed by the somewhat lovely Eline C.) who regrets having invited people over in the first place, the bubbelebim w/ Ernst doing one of their legendary spraakwatervallen, Herjen as the flaky mechanic (p)reparing the house (for inevitabilities), Daisuke Terauchi as the Unbelievable Daisuke Terauchi and myself as a rather unfriendly bartender.

(Above: Part A, below: Part II.)