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Nog 1 nachtje…


Kom morgenavond (en nacht) naar bar dancing Nikola Tesla!
Koop je kaartje in de voorverkoop bij de volgende adressen:

Peek a Boo (Pannekoekstraat 10a)
Shopper (Meent 119)
Woei (Hoogstraat 65a)
Urban Unit (Nieuwe Binnenweg 63b)
WORM (Achterhaven 148)

tickets at door: 10 euros
tickets presale: 8 euros

meer info?

Martin C. de Waal

I edited this intro-film a few weeks ago for a talkshow called Kremlin.
Check it out!

Geert Mul ID


I made this I.D. – just from the printer – for my friend Geert Mul.
Pretty cool, huh?


bar dancing Nikola Tesla VII



April 26th
22:30 – 04:00
tickets at door: 10 euro
presale: 8 euro

Achterhaven 148
3024 RC Rotterdam

coated room
David Vunk

uncoated room


performances by:

TL lights:
Dennis de Bel

Tickets-presale addresses:
Peek a Boo (Pannekoekstraat 10a)
Shopper (Meent 119)
Woei (Hoogstraat 65a)
Urban Unit (Nieuwe Binnenweg 63b)
WORM (Achterhaven 148)

more info?

meervoudig ambigu

Ooit studeerde ik (een indigoblauwe maandag) Nederlandse Taal- en Letterkunde aan de Universiteit van Utrecht. Dat was lachen. Bij het vak taalkundig ontleden leerde ik toevallig dat de zinnen ‘ongelovigen zijn honden’ en ‘honden zijn ongelovigen’ (wat ik natuurlijk niet zeker weet, maar wat ik wel een beetje sterk vermoed) feitelijk dezelfde zijn. En nu jullie weer!

Check dans effe…

Voor de Rrrrrrrrrraaaadddiiioooooooooo!

thank you


dance the night away!

May 17 there’s something called the DANSNACHT (night of dance) in Rotterdam, it’s a sort of museum night, yet focussed on (modern) dance. There’s lots to experience like workshops, bands, DJ’s and what have you, but of course centre of attention are performances by all participating dance gesellshafts. They are: Connie Janssen Danst, Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, Dance Works, Meekers Uitgesproken Dans (ironically enough HuMobisten nominee for best name of an institution ever!) and Dans Ateliers. All taking place at the good old Rotterdamse Schouwburg.

They asked us to come up with some YouTube stuff, so we made them not one, not two, not four, but THREE whole short ‘videos’. All different in style and meaning, yet somehow all of the following clips are about a certain universal human need to dance. Let’s not think of how dancing is sometimes really easy and at other times extremely humiliating -your own and that of others- and stay focussed on the joy of dancing as portrayed in our clip LOVE TO DANCE, or see how all humans no matter if they’re from Germany or India are at some primitive level connected by a simple common time (or 4/4) signature in WEAST. MARKTONDERZOEK (market research) is about something altogether different, or is it?

‘Weast’, HuMobisten 2008

PS. Yes! That are Trans Champs scoring the LOVE TO DANCE clip, pretty timeless stuff, ehr?

I’m not black like Barry White, no I am white like Frank Black is


Different races… aren’t they just the funniest thing God could have ever invented for us to break our minds on. Well to me they are. There are those who claim to not even see the difference between them as to point out how much they’re involved in being ‘just human’, but you should never believe these people. They are merely trying to place themselves in a position that doesn’t even exist. There are also those who claim people who belong to a certain race have certain characters. That doesn’t seem right either. Although I must admit I laughed oud really loud at Mitch Hedberg’s joke “OFF-WHITE! It’s a NEW race, WE WILL PREVAIL!” because to me that joke meant ‘I feel awkward belonging to white people, because they usually are really white.’ (I am about to make a shirt that says just that as a sort of tribute to the late comedian, keep your eyes open for that one!) So, differences between the races… actually are. They exist.

White people for instance will take any talk on white people without getting upset. That’s our main quality. Other races seem to not handle that so well. This might have to do with recent history more than actual genetics, but still. I, like Paul Gauguin, usually dig south-east asian girls most of all. Black an white chicks I do like are herefore part of a special breed called ‘girls up there with the south-east asians’. The same is true about music. Negroes, blacks, black people, they who come from Africa, the earth people, the originators, they who where here first, or whatever the fuck one should call black people without ‘saying it wrong’ make some of the best music ever made. Or, MOST OF IT to be specific. But when Jamie Lidell or Charlie Haden are performing everyone’s like ‘white, you say?’. We all got some qualities. But the funniest thing of course is that we continuously wonder: is this a fact or just a generalisation? These wonderings often get me in ‘Larry David-style’ situations. I think of something, a black guy asks me ‘what is it?’, I answer and they walk away nodding their heads like I’m some sort of racist. Example: I don’t know how you guys live your lives, but my white friends and me like calling each other ‘nigger’ every once in a while. Not in a racist sense tho, we’re more like ‘wassup, nigga!?’ Let’s not forget that since white people have been plundering the world and tried to screw all other races, there’s no N-word for white people with the same importance, there’s no proud or even funny way to say ‘waddup redneck!?’ to a friend, like black guys call each other nigga. (although ‘waddup kaaskop’ could be quite funny I guess.) Us calling each other ‘nigger’ simply says something about ‘being the underdog’, or us joking around with that same notion. It ain’t no racial thing, but it does COME FROM a racial thing. Another example; a pretty upset girl once told me ‘You’re even worse than a negroe’ and I took it as a compliment. Pretty strange thing to say when you think about it, right? Not to me, because I understood what she meant, merely because I underline differences… usually pretty ludicrous differences, but still… It’s funny ’cause it’s true.

So why is it some people all want to be the same and part of a big, happy family? I mean, eventually we’re all human, right? isn’t that just enough? I mean face it, I’d like to be the same sort of quiet wandering spirit as I believe all American native Indians are, or have the same sort of natural zenny depth as all Japanese seem to posess, but it’s not going to happen, I’ll always be the same loudmouthy, over-privileged european white kid as I was simply born to be. This kind of mix of believing in the pre-assumptions and images that exist about races on the one hand AND in the explicit character of the individual on the other is the reason I believe in a thing I like to call EMBRACISM. Embracism is racism embraced by an individual influenced by society as we experience it. Embracing the differences between the races, differences based on truths and on hearsay/gut feelings.

Luckily, my friend Martijn van Berkum and his friends at the point-of-view weblog found this weblog for everyone to enjoy. It’s about my race -yet, those brought up in the US, there’s a difference you know…- and it’s hilarious(ly on point). It’s called Stuff white people like, please check it out asap.

PS. Go see Stöma and The New Earth Group perform at the NAi this saturday. Starts at 9 pm. for free!


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