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very street

I made this video in the end of 2006. The two videos were using archive
material of Groningen, which were be shown at the Tschumipaviljoen on
the Hereplein in Groningen between December and January 2007.
Via surround sound the audience around the ‘paviljoen’ could follow the
performance with music of Herman Brood. Cause good old Herman had
an exhibition (in that period) in the Groninger Museum.

Above you can see one of the two videos. The other one is here.

Patti McGee

Patti was the first female professional skater on earth. She was on the cover of Life magazine in may of 1965, the first time skateboarding was exposed to the mainstream. For more info on Patti check out her myspace.

Picture from:

lang leve de tijdelijkheid

A while ago Sophie Krier asked Suus and me to come up with a way of portraying ‘temporariness’ in a graphical manner so it could be used as a recognizable identity in ads, posters, flyers, etcetera for Sophie’s new cluster of temporary interventions in the public space about temporariness itself, called ‘long live temporariness’.
Sophie planned four interventions in the lovely town of Nieuw Vennep to celebrate temporariness in order to point out that ‘all that’s temporary’s cool’, things taking too long will lose their pureness and that the beauty of things are often found in their temporary character, like with kisses, fights, a rainy day and icecream.
We came up with disappearing phrases explaining just what’s interesting about temporariness, the point where one isn’t exactly sure whether the temporary character of a thing or an event is to be liked or disliked. This first one’s saying ‘I love flowers, but they tend to die on you so quickly’ [ik hou wel van bloemen, maar ze gaan zo snel dood]. Turned out quite nice, I think.
Anyway, first intervention’s a happy car parade through town followed by an all free temporary drive-in cinema showing two films on cars and driving. Friday night ‘Cars’ is playing and saturday it’s Wim Wenders’ Don’t come knocking. On both occasions Lukasz Skapski’s short film ‘Machines 1 – Drivers’ screens beforehand. Come ’round, have a blast!

Han Solo

Coming up and confirmed in gallery Cokkie Snoei.

Han Solo
solo-show by Gyz La Rivière
gallery Cokkie Snoei, Rotterdam
October 12th – November 9th 2008

More info coming soon!

New Blog


Test… test… one, two…

Thanks to Marie-Claude Doyon we now have a new website with loads more features like categorized searching (my personal favourite) and a new suave appearance. If you by chance see nothing new about this website you might still be visiting our old blog ( instead of this all new thing we’ve got goin’ here. Pretty soon all our old posts will be categorized, so keep looking for new and old stuff in the near future.

brilliant photography by the bees’ knees in the interning business: Sander van Loon

Jan Hart wordt steeds actueler

Ajax Sunday

Feyenoord boos en Ajax distantieert zich


New site

New HuMobisten website is coming up!


Nazi Cola

In an old post (about the same year as the (Olym)pic above)
I referred to the Berlin 1936 Olympicss.

I think this is one of the oldest sponsored sport souvenir.
Then you know how it al started…

I got the pic through

back on top

Four new streaming vids in my YouTube video stash (thanks again Tombrecht!). Consisting of two supporting graphics I made which were used in videos, the registration of a performance I once did at homeboy Kraft’s (H)ot Scenes fest AND this portrait of Marcel Alexander Wiebenga (the first) that I once made as an actual video for Benny Sings but alas it wasn’t found good enough. A couple of days ago I lost my urban prince and his girl Jasmijn to the warm, seductive arms of commodity fetishism as they, like so many before them, have moved to Amsterdam. Herefore, finally, an ode to all my friends going for gold in the form of Peter, Bjorn an John’s ‘Amsterdam’. I wish you all a lot of luck and nothing but good fortune, health, happiness and Prosecco.

Peter, Bjorn and John

Baby went to Amsterdam
She put a little money into travelling
Now it’s so slow, so slow
Baby went to Amsterdam
Four, five days for the big canal
Now it’s so slow, so slow

And I was heading up north
To a place that I know
Eating well, sleeping well
But still I was way, way out of line
Amsterdam was stuck in my mind

Oh, it’s a kind of stupid groove
That you can’t ignore
Oh, it’s a kind of natural fact
Sometimes you’re just left to be alone

Baby went to Amsterdam
She put a little money into travelling
Now it’s so slow, so slow
Baby went to Amsterdam
Four, five days for the big canal
Now it’s so slow, so slow

And I got to go away
To a place of my own
Working hard, fill my time
From that day on, till I hit the bed
Amsterdam was stuck in my head

Oh, it’s a kind of stupid groove
That you can’t ignore
Oh, it’s a kind of natural fact
Sometimes you’re just left to be alone

Dictionary of the Unexplained

Dictionary of the Unexplained

I just bought this book, and it’s f***ing brilliant! Forget the Twilight Zone, X-files, E.T., A.I., Star Wars, Star Trek, Twin Peaks, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Ghostbusters, The Exorcist, Bigfoot and all…

With over 1250 alphabetical entries, Chambers Dictionary of the Unexplained covers a broad range of concepts, individual cases and specialist terms. The clear, two-colour layout and full-colour illustrations and photographs make it a joy to browse. Where else could you learn the secrets of Scientology or the facts about feng shui, then spook yourself with tales of haunted highways and poltergeists before attempting to get to the bottom of the Mary Celeste? Written in consultation with leading experts in their fields, the book also includes 24 in-depth articles on popular subjects such as ghosts, witchcraft and alternative medicine. In addition, 30 fascinating panels give details of individual cases, covering household names like the Loch Ness Monster as well as lesserknown phenomena like the Black Dog of Bungay and the Belgian wave.

With its carefully researched, in-depth and balanced entries on topics ranging from alien abductions to the zodiac and from traditional myths to urban legends, Chambers Dictionary of the Unexplained is a major new addition to the Chambers reference list. Far from being just a book for diehard conspiracy theorists or obsessive wizard watchers, this is a comprehensive reference work for anyone with an interest in the mysterious world of ‘the unexplained’. (Chambers Press)

Thanks to cryptozoologist T.G. La Rivière