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YES Reminder #2

location: MAMA: Witte de Withstraat 29-31, Rotterdam
Artists: 75B, Daan den Houter, Kimberly Clark, Max Maas, Parra, Rafaël Rozendaal, Helmut Smits, Matthijs Vlot
Collaborations: Max Maas & Anna Hilti, Hidde van Schie & Gert-Jan Akerboom
Curator: Rufus Ketting
Opening: Friday 3 October 19:00 – 23:00
Afterparty: Same evening @ Bar/Dancing De Camping 23:00 – bamm
DJ’s: My Little Soundsystem and Kaus & Kosa

all info through E*’s new website mes choix de fêtes

For your agenda


Pretty crappy (therefore cooler) recording of a TV broadcast item about one of the legendary M.T.C. party(s). Funny, Hitmeister D and me went (to this particular one from the YouTube item above) there in a fake fur coat, geeeezzz…
Those parties were awesome!

Out goes the old – In comes the new

I went to the CBS party the other day in the (new and improved) UNIE. Artists that made the party were I-f, Legowelt, mr. Pauli, Alden Tyrell, Roberto Auser, Intergalactic Gary and others.. Great atmosphere!

After five years it was done with the internet (radio)community Cybernetic Broadcasting System. But something new appears: Intergalactic FM.

Photo: iPhone grabbed Sierk

WATT to do?

1. and 2. Yep the WATT is open, with great outside sections and a Sustainabledancefloor. Besides that, I really like it that good old Nighttown is back in business!

3. – 6. Until the 11th of October you can see the exhibition of new work by Geert Mul at the Ron Mandos gallery in Amsterdam. So go there if you’re in the neighbourhood.

YES Reminder #1

YES info right here
window painting by Sander van Loon / Rufus Ketting

In Holland he’d be called ‘Wiegman Light’

My very first day in art school (1995) started out with four hours of ‘form and space’, tutored by one Diet Wiegman of whom it was immediately clear he wasn’t like any other teacher me and the rest of my classmates had ever witnessed. First thing he taught us was ‘take a small piece of clay… roll it into a ball… stick your thumb in… turn it around and around… and… voilà! for starters each one of us now has an ashtray!’. I remember thinking that was kinda cool. Some time later our class discovered his shadow art and were pretty much all struck by its wit, beauty and genius simplicity. Now here’s a guy to open your mind in places that were never to be closed again.

Diet turned out to be another einselgängers dad, namely Mike Redman’s who just finished a ‘flick’ about his father called ‘Anagram’. Anagram opens this thursday at the Rotterdam Cinerama movie theatre. Party starts 6.30, film starts 7.30 and for a lousy three and a half euros you’re in.

astrid loog

In less than an hour I’ll be doing my new performance called ‘De Zinger’, a performance about fingers and astrology at Fam. Ruim, Nw. Binnenweg 226A. Be there or an ass. De Zinger’s a finger that happens to be a chanteur who speaks the words of one Bart ‘Sim Sala Bubbelebim’ Hoevenaars.

oh ja…

I ‘guest curated’ and themed ‘YES’, the upcoming art show at MAMA (Rotterdam). The artworks in YES reflect a mentality which is characterized by an inversed distrust, without being naive. Childish without being silly. Free and liberating. YES explores the breadth of a generation that nourishes itself with humour, naivity, poetry and play. In a hectic, product oriented and media-controlled society, such an agile ability to put things into perspective is essential, a true elixir of life that keeps us alert: Yes! Live! Do!
Opens October 3rd.

Featuring artists: 75B, Daan den Houter, Kimberly Clark, Max Maas, Parra, Rafaël Rozendaal, Helmut Smits, Matthijs Vlot and collaborations: Max Maas & Anna Hilti, Hidde van Schie & Gert-Jan Akerboom. I know it’s mostly guys, but please… it doesn’t mean anything. I like girls.

Need more info: right here

Beautiful Inside My Head Forever

Cash Rules Everything Around Me
Get the money
Dollar, Dollar bill y’all

Wu Tang Clan

And see this video about Damien Hirst and judge for yourself.