Han Sunday

Han Solo
Gravitation is a property by which all objects attract each other.

From 12 October until 9 November I will present Han Solo at Cokkie Snoei. It is my first solo exhibition since founding the HuMobisten in 2000. This show features work consisting of photographs, objects, installations and a video focusing on ‘falling and letting go’.

‘Han Solo’ is the classic example of the adventurer with the golden heart in the movie Star Wars. In Han’s personality virtues like courage and companionship are combined with vices like cupidity and debauchery.

Opening reception: Sunday 12 October 16:00 – 18:00
The exhibition will be officially opened at 16:30 by Ari Versluis.

Following the opening, the after party will erupt in Café De Unie at 18:00.
Full of surprise acts, the ‘Han Solo’ room guarantees in-your-face Roccalberti, Dandy Dave!, David Vunk and all the way from Paris: Ben et Béné.

above: Han Solo, persuasion of depersonalization series,
2008, C-print, 90 x 70 cm.