After reading the cynical article Hipster: The Dead End of Western Civilization in Adbusters, and the somehow great reaction on this article on this blog, I’ve a lot of thoughts about it, and a lot to say. But I think you can be your own judge after reading those articles (if you want). Those thoughts (about our MySpace, Hyves and Facebook generation) somehow cross my mind a lot this year. Some of my latest work is flirting with that.

But in the end every youth has their older youth. So therefore I’ve two book tips. The book NO WAVE by Thurston Moore and Byron Coley is a collision of art and punk rock in the New York underground of 1976-1980 and RoXY en de houserevolutie by Job de Wit which is a Dutch (which I read in one night) book about the upcoming of House music and her most famous club of that period.

Yes we are the lost generation! How exciting!

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