I am a Singer, Grandma!

The otherday I was checking out the SingerSweatShop in Rotterdam, which was great fun twice. So go there in the future. It is based in the first building which was build after the war on the Hoogstraat. Inside you can stil see the Letter S in stained glass. The S from the firm Singer. The entrance of the SingerSweatShop is located at the Zijl. Somebody told me that (that the entrance is there), and then he told me, that nobody knows where the ‘Zijl’ is. I replied well I know, cause my grandma used to live there before the war for a while… laughter.

Well this was history lesson number two of the Dutch Rotterdam GZA canon.

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    hee Gyz, die foto ben ik zelf nog niet tegengekomen. thanxxx voor het plaatsen, en de gratis reclame natuurlijk!