In dead sleep (I snore zZz)

Niels Post, a friend I might have mentioned earlier, had told me about this new zZz video. I don’t want to start a moral argument here, but stuff like this tickles my senses. Now I’m not particularly fond of animals fighting just because humans think that’s cool. But just looking at the way the video tells the story of two men (zZz) in their studio or rather Art Laboratory, experimenting a lot with the forms two fighting cocks make on white paper when covered in paint, seems to justify the whole thing. Please notice that once again the Helvetica typeface seems to do its job and kind of smoothens out the horror taking place right on top of it. (One can organize a gang rape and get away with it only by seeing to it that the gang wears matching uniforms with the right words –preferably ebroidered– on carefully selected areas of the uniforms set in Helvetica (Bold). Apart from the fight being not really exciting (sometimes it looks like a somewhat friendly fight), it’s a pretty ok video and it ‘inspired’ me to writing this post on aesthetics vs. morality.

Weird how the senses work. When Niels had told me about the video I responded that I’m not too much into cock fights or any animal fights whatsoever, but immediately thought about the time me and the family (I was probably around twelve or so) went to see a bull fight somewhere near the french Pyrenees. Members of my family who shall remain nameless got into an argument about it as the whole thing was presented by a family member as ‘a bunch of guys goofin’ around and jumpin’ up and down the arena’, but in real life was as close to an actual spanish rite as could be. I was just plain struck by the danger and excitement downstairs in the arena. I don’t think we saw the whole thing (the actual killing), ’cause by that time the most emotional member of my family seemed to have ‘won’ an argument and we were safe and sound in the good old Citroën (french car) we drove back then. My guess is that if there hadn’t been a debate about it, I would have just sat there in awe until the very ending. I thought it was just awesome. The killing of that gruesome bull just felt fundamentally right. And who’s to say it isn’t, except for the opinionated masses?

So while understanding the attraction of witnessing animals getting killed by humans, my theory is this: If you don’t dig dog fights, why enjoy cock fights? or any set fights between two animals? I recently saw a guy feeding a praying mantis to his pet tarantula on Youtube. It was actually very lame, the mantis wasn’t much of a match for the spider (duh!). Still such a fight reminds me more of dog fights and cock fights than the bull fight I just described. I don’t know, a bull fight (as unfair as it is) feels less nerdy than one between two animals without actual human participation. I guess the next zZz video should be: the guys of zZz fighting bears covered with paint on top of a white blanket. I’d like to see ’em get it on. Or how about them fight each other? On meth maybe?!? I’ll come and drive them apart right before they kill each other myself. Hey, I wouldn’t want that to happen, their music kicks fucking ass!


  1. niels
    Posted November 27, 2008 at 2:56 am | Permalink

    Waarom blijven je familieleden nameless en ik niet? Dat is ook best een interessante vraag. En daarbij zou ik toch op willen merken dat ik ook meteen mijn kanttekeningen plaatsten toen ik je attendeerde op deze toch wel opzienbarende video. Niet dat ik nu meteen aanslagen aan mijn adres verwacht. Sterker nog, misschien kan mijn persoonlijkheid best wat controverse of zelfs onverschilligheid gebruiken. Maar de waarheid moet waar mogelijk zegevieren. Daar is het internet ook voor.

  2. rufus.k
    Posted November 27, 2008 at 2:10 pm | Permalink

    Ik heb toch nergens een mening van je opgeschreven? Dat leek me ook niet nodig, het was pure bronvermelding. Er staat immers alleen dat jij, als een ware journalist, over die video en de inhoud had bericht. En als je het zo nodig moet weten zei mijn vader dat er ‘een stierenshow MET CLOWNS in het dorp was die we moesten zien’ en heeft mijn moeder ons, toen er inmiddels drie grote messen in de stier waren gestoken, bij de kraag genomen en de auto in gesleept. ‘Vrouwen’, love ’em!