lang leve de tijdelijkheid

A while ago Sophie Krier asked Suus and me to come up with a way of portraying ‘temporariness’ in a graphical manner so it could be used as a recognizable identity in ads, posters, flyers, etcetera for Sophie’s new cluster of temporary interventions in the public space about temporariness itself, called ‘long live temporariness’.
Sophie planned four interventions in the lovely town of Nieuw Vennep to celebrate temporariness in order to point out that ‘all that’s temporary’s cool’, things taking too long will lose their pureness and that the beauty of things are often found in their temporary character, like with kisses, fights, a rainy day and icecream.
We came up with disappearing phrases explaining just what’s interesting about temporariness, the point where one isn’t exactly sure whether the temporary character of a thing or an event is to be liked or disliked. This first one’s saying ‘I love flowers, but they tend to die on you so quickly’ [ik hou wel van bloemen, maar ze gaan zo snel dood]. Turned out quite nice, I think.
Anyway, first intervention’s a happy car parade through town followed by an all free temporary drive-in cinema showing two films on cars and driving. Friday night ‘Cars’ is playing and saturday it’s Wim Wenders’ Don’t come knocking. On both occasions Lukasz Skapski’s short film ‘Machines 1 – Drivers’ screens beforehand. Come ’round, have a blast!