lul de behanger

lul de behanger

Homey Universalis (holler at ya boy!) is in a competition for a wallpaper design he did called ‘Happy Skull / Sad Skull’. It’s a pattern of glossy, opened mouths forming -you guessed right- happy and sad skulls wearing funny little hats. Now what you should do is vote for him by giving him lots of points on the Bon Bon Kakku website. Thanks!

The competition runs from early june ’til late july, so be fast!

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  1. By HuMobisten » another competition bites the dust on October 21, 2008 at 3:54 pm

    [...] Some time ago I asked you guys to award Homey Universalis and his design ‘Sad Skull / Happy Skull’ lots of points to help him win the BonBonKakku ‘June / July fabric design’ competition. Back then I was under the impression it was about a wallpaper design competition, turned out to be (curtain) fabric design competition… Same difference, it worked and he won! As a prize his fabric design is now for sale at the BBK website and somehow I received a couple of meters of the actual fabric. Sweet! Thanks everyone for helping a homey out. [...]