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On the opening night we still looked kind of fresh (or at least Gyz did) but yesterday, day eight of the IFFR I decided that today (friday) I was taking the night off. As a DJ booker I sure did a good thing putting KAUS & KOSA (thu), ALIEN2000 (fri), Serge Bozon (sat), Andre Dadi & Miss Delicious (sun), Roeland303 (mon), Elle Bandita (tue), David Vunk & Alden Tyrell (wed), ClubLePOP (thu), Bombay Connection Night (fri) and finally Azizz, Ted Langebach and Nelson & Djosa (sat) in the legendary ‘Kleine zaal’ of the Theatre, but that job sure ate up some of my precious sleepy time. But hey, sleepless nights and pain-in-the-ass gossip are all part of the deal and taken like a man when it’s for the good cause someone way up there in the festival management told me. Apart from this I saw some films, went to several off-scheduled parties (here, there and everywhere) and did my Peter Teps and so do I – performance at the Open Hotel last wednesday… I don’t know why but my fifteen minutes of fame type Red Carpet moment seems to particularly focus on Chiem ‘en ik ruik de laatste tijd niets als ik ruik!’ van Houweninge.

On films:
Saw some bad ones (My Marlon and Brando), saw some good ones (Le Tueur, The Melvins live soundtracking three awesome shorts by Cameron Jamie) but the ultimate film to catch this year is the Coen Brothers’ No Country for Old Men. That film’s so good, it gave me the shivers, a head ache, goose bums, watery eyes, bad breath and a honey tummy. Man, the US must have been a hell of a good place to have lived in (for loners, weirdos and hermits) around, let’s say, the 1950’s. But that’s all over now that it’s all just about money and drugs. That about sums up the film, I guess. Quite the dream squashing trip, I tell you!

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  1. Posted February 2, 2008 at 2:43 pm | Permalink

    Ik ben ook naar die nieuwe van de Coens geweest.
    Die was echt te dol inderdaad. Die sfeer. Dat haar van Anton. Die gasfles. Die landschappen. Het meisje achter me die een hyperventilatieaanval kreeg. De spanning. Alles was zo gaaf. Echt nul minpunten.