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When I still liked RAP

Hieroglyphics, baby!

very slim

Languages kunnen très funny uitwerking geben. ‘Overstappen doe je nu!’, ook zo’n goeie… zou dat iets met al dat geschaats van de laatste tijd te maken hebben?

Tonight at the Zwaanshals!

MOOSE magazine #4 release party!

We would like to invite you to the MOOSE magazine #4 release party. This issue contains the work of Anthony Lister, Dave Kinsey, Levi van Veluw, Rai Escale, Julia Fullerton-Batten, Tjebbe Beekman, Helmut Smits, Truth, Richard Colman, Elza Jo, Morgan Blair, Peter Callesen, Hidde van Schie, Hans van Bentem & Anthony Burrill.

image: Dave Kinsey, Desecration IV, 2008


This evening there is also the opening of an exhibition by David Elshout & Johan Kleinjan. These two Rotterdam based illustrators have created a show especially for MOOSE gallery & shop. Good news…prints available at great prices for anyone!

Trans-Europe Express

You probably have seen it already, but still I have to mention it…

This superb great artwork by David Černý (Czech Republic) marks the start for the celebrating the Czech Republic’s presidency of the European Union in 2009. This work on the pictures above is called Entropa. Every country of the EU is in it, showing Romania as a vampire theme park, France as a nation on strike, Holland as a flooded landscape with only minarets visible above the water, Italy as a north-south football match, Spain as a building site, England is missing and Bulgaria is being described as a Turkish toilet. The Bulgarians were so pissed that they put a black (sort off) curtain in front of it, hihi, just hilarious!

Originally he presented the work as a gesamtkunstwerk with the work of 27 different up and coming artists – one from each EU member. In fact, the entire piece was produced by David Černý himself. Great hoax!

photos by: Teddy Liho (from Bulgaria)

catch 33

The other day I was on the look for some really bad shit on Google. Made me think of the song ‘Lookin’ for love in all the wrong places’ for some mysterious reason. Anyway, here’s inevitability:

In other words, right until I posted this, there wasn’t any shit to be found on Google, let alone ‘bad’ shit. For those who, like me, googled to find bad shit about Google: Hi y’all! You found it… This is it, the one bad thing on the entire world wide web about Google. Glad you found it?


Friday January 16th, 2009

22:30 uur ~ 04:00 uur
tickets: 10 euro

Achterhaven 148
3024 RC Rotterdam

New Orthodox Year room
DJ David Vunk
DJ Laylow

Green Mind room
DJ Roccalberti
DJ Gary X


performances by:
Bond voor Wilde Dansers

Dennis de Bel

Charlie Dronkers

Courier font for IBM

Hatice Coskun (My intern) is helping me out with photographing stuff…

Silvia B.

Last Sunday I went (instead of ice-skating) to the exhibition of Silvia B. Les Beaux & Les plus Beaux. Sunday was the last day, and I had to see it. Her dolls are superb, and I just get so excited when I see them. Her work is a fairytale, and her dolls take me to different paralel worlds, like the Dark Crystal for example. Her dreamy work is making me wanna have dreams all the time.

Besides that, there were two more shows in the GEM. Great new photographs by Erwin Olaf, and awesome paintings by Tjebbe Beekman, who will be in the upcoming MOOSE magazine..

I already mentioned that I like dolls, and about that exhibition in London, remember? Now you can see it in the Centraal Museum! Can’t wait…

photo: iPhone

gratis af te halen

A while ago I was in desperate need of a monitor to give an intern the opportunity of always seeing the big picture while working on (even a small) something. Luckily my friend Stefan Tijs had just sent out an email saying he was giving away a monitor for free. Anyway, I recently got me a new computer and therefore am no longer in need of the monitor. So now if YOU are in need of one, let me know before tomorrow and you can come and pick it up at my studio. If you don’t respond in time, it’s gone.