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De hele teringstad heb ’t er nog steeds over…

…en dus doen wij wat Doe Maar, the Doors, Pink Floyd en vele anderen voor ons al eerder deden: Lekker Reüneren. Jawel dames en heren; na vijf jaar niet (en daarvoor vijf jaar wél) bestaan te hebben, lijkt ook de tijd rijp voor Henri Homecookin’, DJ Vincent van Duin, Hitmeister D, Disco Rick, DJ VJ en Rufus.K, oftewel De Rotterdamsche Knakendisco, om eens lekker in te cashen tijdens een eenmalige reünie en wel op Rotterdams enigste echte late night event: De Museumnacht (vrijdag 7 maart a.s.). Thema is dan ook ‘Uit De Kunst!’, oftewel ‘Honor & Flemminger dan dit wordt ’t voorlopig niet!’

Alle knakendisco onderdelen (inmiddels uitgegroeid tot vaste discoprik) zijn weer van de partij, het ‘eclectische’ (6 dj’s met zeer uiteenlopende smakies), de t-shirts (ook tijdens avond zelf als merch te koop), de idiote visuals, de goedkope entree (€ 2,50… snappie ’m?), de lekkere thematische sfeer EN als 2-klapper op de vuurpijl:
1. The New Earth Group, live!
2. Prozac Posse in de bar (helemaal terug uit de tijd dat er nog geeneens websites bestonden!!!)

Als je niet komt ben je echt een rare snuiter. Vertier van 23.00 tot 4.00… (Rogier!)

Je mag ook niks meer…

YouTube banned this video, so let’s see what will happen at Vimeo.

touched and went

U2 – Get On Your Boots – U2MIRACLE.COM from on Vimeo.

What would my life have been like without Big Black, Slint, Shellac, June of ’44, Brainiac, PEGBOY, The Monorchid, Girls Against Boys, Calexico, !!!, Blonde Redhead or The Jesus Lizard? Who knows, maybe sort of the same, probably not. Probably the word ‘edgy’ would have had less of a meaning in my perception of life.

Fact is, yesterday —on the day I heard the first new U2 single since ‘numb’ (from the 1993 album ‘Zooropa’) that didn’t suck ass… or sounded really nice actually— the mighty Touch & Go (both an indie record label and a major distributor for indie labels such as Drag City, Kill Rock Stars, Merge Records, Trance Syndicate) bowed for the world wide economic situation and called it quits. Read former Corey Rusk’s statement on the whys ’n hows and, to end this thing on a brighter note, how he feels this can lead to something fresh as Touch & Go will from now on transform into, once again, a small independent record label. Thank you, Corey Rusk and Godspeed!

My favourite work of last year…

150 cm. x 100 cm.
August, 2008

Bijna al mijn autonome werken van 2008 hebben te maken met aantrekkingskracht en zwaartekracht. De verhouding van jezelf tot anderen, tot voorwerpen, de omgeving en het leven an sich. Dit komt mooi tot uiting in het denkbeeld van Ludwig Feuerbach dat mensen in het water slechts verdronken omdat zij van het idee van de zwaartekracht bezeten waren. Als zij zich dit idee uit het hoofd zouden zetten, door haar tot bijgeloof, tot een religieuze voorstelling te verklaren bijvoorbeeld, dan zouden zij boven ieder verdrinkingsgevaar verheven zijn.

Hot Items

In this last issue of items magazine (a dutch zine on design ’n stuff) Elda Dorren wrote a review on the YES exhibition that I curated some time ago at the MAMA art space in Rotterdam. The review is quite on point but I didn’t expect it to be anything else as I know her texts to be insightful and open minded, never funny, but certainly light hearted. Plus when reading her articles it’s obvious that she truly understands what it is to actually listen, unlike, well… basically everyone.

In the same issue of ‘items’ she also talks about two books that have special meaning for her (a sort of items traditional). One of those is How to Simplify your life by Werner Tiki Küstenmacher and Lothar J. Seiwert. it’s subtitled Seven Practical Steps to Letting Go of Your Burdens and Living a Happier Life and although I haven’t read it it seems pretty useful when learning about goals such as ‘How to conquer the paper piles on your desk once and for all’ and ‘How to stay fit and healthy, without overdoing it’. In her text on why she thinks the book’s brilliant she mentions somewhere that the whole idea of ‘perfection’ is just ridiculous and thus saying things like ‘I don’t know’ might be putting your life in just the perspective it needs. Now I don’t know if you’ve seen this exhibition but my guess is it couldn’t have had a better reviewer than her. See for yourself right here.

iedereen kan Communiceren


design of the times

Suus’ designs keep amazing me. And not just because we kiss sometimes.
Check out this latest and other efforts on her blog.
Peace! In the Middle Ease…

The Westin

I talked earlier in a previous post about my new atelier. Now I am working there (for a bit more then a month), and I can only say, that I am damn happy! It feels so good, yeah!

Fairy Tales II: A to the K, homeboy!

wow, great day for those who let television define their reality (me) yesterday! Andries Knevel, who’s a host and sort of human ‘flag ship’ for Dutch evangelical television network ‘EO’, came out of the biblical closet and claimed he felt uncomfortable with broadcasts (especially in the seventies) in which Darwin’s theory of evolution (natural selection meets genetic drift) is ridiculed or at least is being portrayed as a stupid, senseless theory for everyone who loves the lord knows he created this planet in just six days (he worked day and night), added a seventh or resting day and created ‘the week’. Now, loads of Christians nowadays believe that God was there to initiate life on earth millions of years ago and then nature went its own way. It makes sense, maybe that’s what ‘I am the Alpha and the Omega’ means; ‘since I’m the start of it, I am the whole of it’. These new school softliners believe these six days are merely put down in a figure of speech, as a metaphore for ‘a while’. You gotta admit ‘six days’ might not be such a good metaphore for ‘millions of years’, but hey… at least it’s the bible’s way of saying ‘since we’re starting of by saying millions of years may be written down as six days in this book, maybe you shouldn’t take the rest of it as literally as… well people who take everything literally.’ right?

You can only imagine what happened next. All the other left wing god free networks were licking their lips. The EO’s director of staff was invited to be interviewed on the ‘most important’ dutch TV show, pretty old people in the dutch bible belt were asked about their opinion on this heathen charade and of course the C-EO was ashamed to admit his own view on how-it-all-started, afraid to losing even more members from his community. YES! finally, the shift had begun. We’re all experts on how muslims shouldn’t interpret the Koran like people did a thousand years ago, but when it comes to the good ol’ bible it’s ‘hands off the word of God!’.

Anyway, I experienced my own Christian renaissance only a month or so ago. In a bright moment I dicovered I never really experienced duality in my feelings for the God of Abraham and Moses, I just thought my thoughts on the after life and the love of God were incompatible. God, to me, is the greatest symbol of love humans just had to invent in order to keep themselves sane and in order to come up with some sort of ‘universal’ law. Now, the afterlife is the reward… I guess some really smart, yet stupid people reckoned ‘people aren’t going to just be good out of love, we gotta promise ’em something majestic, besides once they fall for it we can pretty much make ’em do anything we want to.’ Now I don’t believe in the afterlife anymore (but I gotta admit I had my doubts on that one before, hi hi), but I do believe that you should be as just as you can to others (people and animals). In other words, I believe that men should be as Godly as humanly possible because of –let’s call it– Karma, or because we’re in this together. I also believe that the first people who came up with ‘religion’ had not thought of the possibility that generations after them might not be aware of the human origin of their religion. They may have hoped for it, but they certainly wouldn’t have thought it would become such a major and powerful thing in our society. In a way it must have been like with those who first discovered fire… Hense: Ἃγιον Φῶς.

Fairy Tales

Some good news:

MOOSE is visiting Art Rotterdam. In association with Veenman Drukkers they are running the bookstore at this event. This is a fantastic opportunity for them to promote their MOOSE magazine. Next to MOOSE they showed 5 works of my persuasion of depersonalization series which I made for my Han Solo show last year.

And on top of this ‘fairy tale’ check out the info of my upcoming show Yellow Pages in March.