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Hé Ma!

Poeh hé, wat een meningen…

Na een weekend vol verjaardagen eindelijk een mening waar ik helemaal achter sta: Sesamstraat moet gered en (dientengevolge) terug naar half zeven! (Als je het er mee eens bent dan.) Ik stel voor dat iedereen het ermee eens is. Zo ‘ja’, klik hier.

Obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD)

International Night Flag

Rondos go Square / A Black and White Statement

Punkerthepunk from 1978-1981.

On April 11 you can go and see a superb program about the Rotterdam Legends de ‘Rondos’ at WORM. It’s a bummer that I can’t be there, but if you have the time to check this event out, you should go. Their will be for sale 2 new albums and 4 new books! Check these goodies out over here!

picture: a rare private collectionary bookie by de Rondos which I borrowed for my flyer’dam project some time ago.

vroolijke teekeningen

Aporetic drawings of deconstructed streets and numbers, jokes, other forms of cryptography and finally stuff that isn’t supposed to be made out of that stuff are at the basis of the work of one Matrijs van Merg who is showing work at the MK Gallery (Witte de Withstraat, Rotterdam).
Although it’s not a very big place there’s a lot to see. birds cut in half and present both outside and inside the art space made three scandinavian tourists laugh really loud when I just walked out, incorrect spelling of words which are supposed to make us think again about the convertibility of language (and thus truth) or maybe the ridiculousness of truth even, anyway then there’s the stuff made of the wrong stuff like hats made of banana boxes and (milk) cartons made out of second hand record sleeves which I found lame at first until I saw a milk carton made out of Bach’s St Matthew Passion, it was only then that I figured there might have been liquid Passion inside that carton (it got somewhat better then, but not lots).
Then there’s these drawings of tiny thoughts, or rebuses or rebuses of drawings of tiny thoughts, anyway there’s loads of ’em, about fifty I guess and at least thirty of ’em are spectacular (too bad the others are around as well) and finally, when you’re done giggling and going ‘wait… oh yeah, sure!’ there’s the pièce de resistance, a mural —made entirely out figures painted with two specially prepared paint rollers— that’s just so fucking amazingly brilliant you’d have to see it for yourself to believe it. It looks like Keith Haring tried to do an Escher drawing… anyway, fuck names and references, fucking awesome is what that is. If you have the extra half hour, go and have fun!

Selfcontrolfreak / Olivier Otten

Selfcontrolfreak is an online project. How to use interaction in combination with video. Generaly when you’re watching videos on the web, you’re watching in third person. How can you become the first person and play an active role within the video? That’s the main question of Olivier Ottens research.