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Another family member in Rotterdam Noord…
Come tomorrow to the grand opening!


Sunn O))), fucking hell!

Last monday I went to see SUNN 0))) perform in the Raymond Strantse Kerk (a church). I have only one thing to say about the concert: FUCK YEAH!!! I do have a pretty funny anecdote on what went on right beforehand tho. An hour before the show me and my man de Nuge smoked one in the museumpark, made a couple of jokes on ducks, homosexuality and security guards and we were off to church.

As we got inside the church to find ourselves a spot, I felt like peeing real bad and luckily ran into someone I know who works at the Church, who let me in on a little secret: an actual hidden toilet somewhere in the back of the church, just my luck! So I went and I went and felt pretty relieved, washed my hands, walked out the bathroom to enjoy a little organ music that was already playin’ to get us in this whole mystical mood that was going on, and BAMMMM! I suddenly found myself in a corridor with six (6!) doors. as I got in I didn’t know where to go and while turnin’ round to see where I came from I immediately forgot just that. I tried a door and it was closed, the one on its right lead to a staircase. I tried another one, or at least I thought so, but it turned out to be the exact same one (that was leading to the staircase). I began to worry some and I felt a little stupid that I had just opened the same door twice (imagine me playing the memory game). I tried another one and I was back in the hall where the door to the secret toilet was located and I was like ‘my god! is this really happening to me, this… this… stoner classic?!? WOW!’ I felt kinda privileged, like Alice (when she was ten feet tall), and when I finally took a right door and was back in the main… church… space (what’s the name for this space? like ‘Oecemenical Praise room’ or something… I mean ‘the room that makes a church a church’. A prize for the best name in the comments section!) Anyway, I had to laugh so loud (yet silently) and I immediately told the first person that called my name (Selwyn Slop) the whole thing. I must have looked like a complete idiot. But fuck it, I love my life!!!

In case you don’t have a clue what SUNN O))) is, here’s some youtube stuff and this is what their press text said on this tour: “Pure, raw, uninhibited invocations featuring O)))s core members: Stephen O’Malley and Greg Anderson ONLY. 2 Les Paul guitars, 4 Sunn fullstacks, 4 Ampeg bass stacks. No guests, no vocals, no keyboards. We hope you will join us!.”

Rufus Ketting vindt dit leuker

Yes! I quit my facebook membership today! Interweb 2.0 just takes up way too much of my time, or I guess I’m just too sensitive for whatever it is that makes it so addictive, which makes me a huge part of the problem that facebook is turning into the worlds’ biggest chatroom fast. I and so many others don’t need that. What I do need is participating in exhibitions like the ‘echt tHEMA’ exhibition going on right now in NP3, Groningen, which is themed ‘why exhibitions are usually themed’. It includes all your favourite artists like Jochen Mierau, Father Futureback, Niels Post, José de Lange, Wouter Sibum, Marijke Appelman, Hidde van Schie, Dennis de Bel, Linda Nijenhof, Gyz La Rivière, Barthold Boksem, Stefano Calligaro and myself.

The show will open during its vernissage (?) which has just been postponed to june 5 (‘I plead the fiffeth’), 8 pm. Maybe we’ll see each other there. Anyway, I made this sticker called ‘appropriately entitled’ 150 cm x 2,3 cm (2009), and it looks like so:

both pictures: NP3, 2009


campaign design (HuMobisten, 2009)
client: Fleur Kolk and Centrum Beeldende Kunst, Rotterdam
April / May 2009

We were asked by the Centrum Beeldende Kunst and Fleur Kolk to design an identity for the exhibition GOAL! (as you can see above).

Morgen tussen 19:00 en 21:30 uur:
opening van de tentoonstelling GOAL!
bij het Centrum Beeldende Kunst in Rotterdam

GOAL! is overzicht van hedendaagse kunstenaars die zich hebben laten inspireren door het fenomeen voetbal. Het laat zien welke belangrijke rol de sport speelt in het werk van een groot aantal creatieve mensen. Fotografie, film, grafische kunst, schilderijen, sculpturen, installaties, games, maar ook productontwerp, reclame-uitingen en nog veel meer is vanaf morgen te zien bij het Centrum Beeldende Kunst in Rotterdam.

Curated by my lovely Fleur Kolk!

Nog steeds te koop

A little while ago…

Shirts are still for sale for only 12,50 euros, aighttttt

Logan’s Run

Last week I came back from a little holiday in Spain. I’ve been in the surroundings of Valencia. In Valencia you have the City of Arts and Sciences which reminds me of Logan’s Run somehow.

bekentenis: ik ben oranjegezind

Mensen moeten niet zo gek doen. Nu gebeurt er iets met koninginnedag waar iedereen het dan wel over eens is dat het niet zo goed en netjes is, maar normaal gesproken hoor ik ook niets dan anti-monarchische verhalen zodra het over koningin Beatrix of het koningshuis gaat. Sjonge wat vermoeiend! Ik zou liever geregeerd worden door iemand die zo ver van het volk staat dat ze in elk geval door heeft wanneer datzelfde volk he-le-maal gek aan het worden is dan door die lauwe, bange hansworsten die zich tegenwoordig voor politici uitgeven. En ze is ook zo’n knapperd! Potverdrie, ik geloof in mijn kittige majesteit!

Ik werd dan ook heel blij toen ik gisteren prins Constantijn hoorde zeggen dat ‘het open karakter’ van koninginnedag wat hun (de koninklijke familie) betreft gewoon blijft. Die mensen laten keer op keer zien standvastig te zijn en niet te buigen voor mediale machinaties en wat-have-joe’s. ‘Kloek’, is in dezen misschien een aardig adjectief.

Wu-Tang, bitches!

I too participated on Veenman Drukkers (Rotterdam based printers) ‘Kredietposters’ (credit posters) manifestation. It’s their opinion that we shouldn’t mope and make things worse than they are and instead try and turn things around. They practise what they preach and came up with the following: ‘you design a (more or less upbeat) poster on this crisis and we print 350 of ’em, keep 100 for ourselves and give you the 250 remainers for free!’.

I did the one presented above, other people made these.