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Anybody have a bootleg of Jerry Garcia at Oregon State Prison?

From Frets to Fred, both Gyz and myself participate in an exhibition/on a happening called ‘Double A-Side The Bootleg’. It goes on where Double A-Side in Den Bosch (August 2007, Artis, CBK and SM’s) stopped, only now it’s at FRED Basement Projects (45 Vyner, London, United Kingdom), starts at july 2nd and ends august 5. July 2nd from 6 to 9 though, is a private view (to which one needs to be invited) featuring surprise Live Music Performances!!

Anyway, Gyz is showing some of his screenprints from the ‘Yellow Pages’ series and I’m showing ‘Appropriately Entitled’, quite good stuff if I may say so myself.

Other participants are Rob Churm, Caron Geary, Kate Mayne, Angie Reed, Janine Rostron, Catriona Shaw, the one and only Tai Shani and Martin C. de Waal. Again curated by The Ken Pratt. More info on the ‘Double A-Side The Bootleg Facebook Page’, right here.


Opens Tonight!

Come smell the otters defining Dutch ‘plank culture’ in the brand new mama exhibition 720°, on display from june 26th – august 9th.

Featuring ‘12’, a documentary film on the original Fret Click and its illustruous pack of sjambeks, by Gyz La Rivière and a video installation on Louisa Menke.

Heal The World


This Friday 720° will open at showroom mama!

26 June 2009 – 09 August 2009
Opening: Friday 26 June 19:00 – 23:00
Artistic team: Gyz La Rivière (NL), Florian Waldvogel (DE), Louisa Menke (NL)
Curator: Gyz La Rivière

19:00 World Premiere ‘12’ at the Cinerama movie-theater
20:15 Opening 720° at showroom mama (But you can also go there from 19:00)
23:00 Afterparty at De Unie (€ 2,50)

More info is coming up…

image: ‘12’ poster design by Rufus Ketting

Spreek ik met de jarige?

gefeliciteerd pikkebaas!

Freggel Fleckl

I am editing like crazy with my man Robin ‘no war for Heavy Metal’ in the Freggel Grot! Still some time left to finish (with master editor Joppo) my documentary ‘12’, which you can see (and much more) from June 26th!

model fuckers spelen op openingen

After swearing I’d never be in a band no more, my friend Arnoud ‘De Nuge’ van der Zijden did it again and made five incredibly good tracks with garageband. I could not resist and we got together this band consisting of Jeroen ‘de Rev’ Rozendaal (de vogels, The New Earth Group) on keys, Jos Hoevenaars (Mono, The New Earth Group) on Guitars, de nuge (Oil, de vogels) on bass and myself (Homey Universalis) on drums. We’re called ‘Model Fuckers’ and Model Fuckers’ (instrumental) music sounds like nothing you heard before (except maybe some really weird 80’s film soundtracks), but you be the judge of that once you’ve downloaded our third ‘song’ (can you call a track a song, if there isn’t a singer for the song to be sung?) called ‘except for the Coca Cola thing the word ‘enjoy’ lost its meaning’ for free right here.

Read more on Model Fuckers here on