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feed your head!

Yes jongens! Burton’s making it, Depps’s the Mad Hatter, Fry the Cheshire Cat… Alice is back! If you don’t know what I’m talking about try reading Lewis Carroll’s novels Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass (usually bound together) and find out why it’s always good to follow the white rabbit. Here’s a trailer for an earlier film version that, as I remember correct, pretty much rocked my world when I first saw it back in the early eighties (them walking talking playing cards especially swept me away). Enjoy!

kom kom komme’tje!

Sorry we’re not doin much. I guess we’re a bit tired. Not strange, we’ve been at it since god knows how long doin’ all the stuff and then some. Upcoming is, amongst many other things, the official portfolio website (aw yeah!) and BLURRR, a group show/event at tent. which will feature Gyz La Rivière AND a brand new HuMobisten performance (!!!!!!). Also Suus and me made one of two new The New Earth Group album covers (the other one is being done by Nicole Martens) and they will be released in october plus I’m finishing the new Benjamin Herman album (Blue Sky Blond) as we speak. First off’s a well deserved holiday and I’ll be seeing you little monkeys in september.

Speaking of which, any of you heard about the apologies some Dresden (Germany) zoo made to the US government on a mandril (monkey) born a couple of months ago named Obama? My oh my! I don’t know about you, but my guess is that a monkey named after a white president(ial candidate) can keep his or her name like it ain’t a thing. A dog named after Obama, or a horse, or how bout a lion? or some weird ass fish? now would that have been a problem? I think not. I think Germans think like so: We all know negroes and monkeys must NOT be compared, in ANY way! That’s just wrong!!!’ Hang on now, aren’t you guys underlining just how you feel about them scary ape-like negroes by restricting monkey names to some names? Naming a monkey after a guy, I mean how harmless is that? It’s even sweet, we all luuuuuuuv monkeys, don’t we? But having to make an official apology and change the monkey’s name (to Okeke, a real common ‘multi-racial’ name), well now THAT’s just downright racist, right? Make up your own mind and read something funny as hell, yet also quite horrible here.

promotiserend: spiegels van brillenglas

Eindelijk –na jaren zeuren, bedelen en een beetje janken– speel ik dan een rolletje in een filmpje van De Bubbelebim, ’s Neerlands absurdistieste duo (tevens talig). Ze maken helaas nog geen TV op de ouwerwetse manier van het woord, maar ze zouden dat wel moeten doen. Bob Visser, let je op?


Cause it’s is 20 years ago that the Berlin Wall came down, I recently think a lot about the Twin Towers. I don’t know why, but maybe it has to do with big shifts in our human shared time.

picture: Me standing in front of the 2nd WTC tower in NY, 1986

WTC 2, or the South Tower, was the second of the Twin Towers to be completed, the second to be hit by a plane on September 11th, and the first to be destroyed.

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more pics?
photos by: Frank Hanswijk

do I care?

‘Do you care about what is happening in Iran?’, that’s the title to this facebook page. Pretty confronting question. Do I care? I don’t know, not much more I can do about it than ‘knowing it exists’. On the other hand, I merely disapprove of violence but I also know ‘democracy’ isn’t the answer either. Or not as we know it at least. Also ‘to care’ feels like a more active occupation than what I’m doing with it: nothing but being conscious of the fact that stuff like that is out there and perhaps worry ‘some’. All I can do now is show you a link to more spectacular images of a country on the brink of something big. Or maybe not. If I believed in anything the Iranians would be in my actual prayers. They’re on my blog instead.


Yes! Gisteren had ik even een camera geleend omdat ik allerhande blinde muren moet fotograferen. Na dat gedoe ging ik bij ome Roel eten, later kwam Silvia ook en nog veel later de grote rooie kater van de buren ook nog. Toen het laat was en iedereen er vandoor ging gebeurde er ineens iets met me, ik pakte de camera om mee naar huis te nemen en maakte voor de aardigheid een foto. En nog één, en nog één. Ik was niet meer te stoppen! Wow, ik werd er zowaar spontaan gelukkig van. Nu ben ik dus aan het sparen voor een camera. Een Canon EOS 20D welteverstaan, want dat is mijn vriend.