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New Order – Temptation

The temptation of Victoria video by Michael Shamberg.
Videostill (by Geert Mul) of Michael Shamberg (on the right) and me (on the left) in 1999 (Madrid). (Now it is more me on the right, hehe…)



A few years ago I talked about an idea I had about re-releasing the DAF 33, DAF 44, DAF 55 and the DAF 66. DAF stands for Van Doorne’s Aanhangwagen Fabriek. But offcourse that isn’t exotic, so we should change the name into Dutch Auto Factory. Damn, that will sell! Especially in the Asian market, I mean in a globalized world, local products will and are the thing! The DAF cars always had an image problem. But one day you’re fashion (ofcourse with all new color options and all that. It is a shame that they don’t know this.


Look at the re-release of the (electric) Trabant.. I told you, hihi..

Holland’s single best band


Avant La Lettre is my favourite dutch band of the moment. They’re light (yet not light hearted), they’re fresh (like Mountain Dew or Sprite or actually like Cherry Coke) they have a myspace up with lots of great songs and some videos, and some albums that have obviously influenced them / their sound / lives / thoughts / whatever. And they have an ace blog on (mostly) pop culture. Check ’em out! When it’s all over I’ll let you know.

Bose Speakers

We zijn weer boos!
performance (HuMobisten, 2009)
TENT., Rotterdam
September 9th, 2009

Listen to the song?

photo: Frank Hanswijk

better a good neighbour than a far friend


Our neighbours at the old office are in need of some help. Surely we’re glad to help ’em out and tell you all about it. First let me tell you a little something about our neighbours. They are, first of all, local art centre ‘Koffie Verkeert’ (way too difficult to translate), a sort of art-meeting-place-slash-gallery that’s been around since forever (eighties) and which has been especially hip in the Vaandrager/Cor Kraat/Rikus Waskowsky era. And second of all they are record store Shifting Gears, a really nice store specialized in what I believe is best defined as ‘contemporary dance music’.

Now what they need is either someone to revitalise Koffie Verkeert with some nice ideas on how to conduct art business in the now (notice that neither the art centre nor the record store have hyperlinks to –what youths call– WEBSITES) or someone to rent an office space in the back of the store and help out with the rent.

They’re a nice bunch of guys, if you’re interested walk by the store (open thursday – sunday) located at the Van Speykstraat 145.

Today it’s September 11th…

Gothic Modernist Tendencies
neonlight (Gyz La Rivière, 2009)
approx 240 cm. x 225 cm.

Go see the work (and others) at tent.!

New Performance!

This wednesday (tomorrow) to celebrate tent.’s tenth anniversary and simultaneously opening their exhibition Blurrr, HuMobisten do a performance called ‘We zijn weer boos!’ (We’re mad again!) about the fact that being angry becomes increasingly harder as we ourselves become more and more understanding. Maybe too much so even.

participants in the exhibition are: Nina Boas, Iddo Drevijn, Sophie Krier, Walter Langelaar, Gyz La Rivière, Strange Attractors, Studio Spass, Esmé Valk and Volksrekorders.

We couldn’t have done it without you, Jeroen S. Rozendaal!

Blue Sky Blond

The new Benjamin Herman album reeks of cannabis. Herefore I (yes, I!) made the album artwork about altered states, paralel universae, hallucination and other realms of sensitivity. The music’s mostly soundtracky, afrocuban and funky and features guest appearances by (amongst many others) C-mon & Kypski, Git Hyper and Paul Weller. Yet another side of Herman’s musical genius brought to light. Buy and preview/prehear here. Thank you Cathelijne Beijn for backing me up and Tymen Cieraad for chaos management!


The area Falls is predominantly Catholic.

The Peace Lines

Separating Catholic and Protestant neighbourhoods in Belfast.

The houses next to the border have cages above their garden!