Anybody have a bootleg of Jerry Garcia at Oregon State Prison?

From Frets to Fred, both Gyz and myself participate in an exhibition/on a happening called ‘Double A-Side The Bootleg’. It goes on where Double A-Side in Den Bosch (August 2007, Artis, CBK and SM’s) stopped, only now it’s at FRED Basement Projects (45 Vyner, London, United Kingdom), starts at july 2nd and ends august 5. July 2nd from 6 to 9 though, is a private view (to which one needs to be invited) featuring surprise Live Music Performances!!

Anyway, Gyz is showing some of his screenprints from the ‘Yellow Pages’ series and I’m showing ‘Appropriately Entitled’, quite good stuff if I may say so myself.

Other participants are Rob Churm, Caron Geary, Kate Mayne, Angie Reed, Janine Rostron, Catriona Shaw, the one and only Tai Shani and Martin C. de Waal. Again curated by The Ken Pratt. More info on the ‘Double A-Side The Bootleg Facebook Page’, right here.