better a good neighbour than a far friend


Our neighbours at the old office are in need of some help. Surely we’re glad to help ’em out and tell you all about it. First let me tell you a little something about our neighbours. They are, first of all, local art centre ‘Koffie Verkeert’ (way too difficult to translate), a sort of art-meeting-place-slash-gallery that’s been around since forever (eighties) and which has been especially hip in the Vaandrager/Cor Kraat/Rikus Waskowsky era. And second of all they are record store Shifting Gears, a really nice store specialized in what I believe is best defined as ‘contemporary dance music’.

Now what they need is either someone to revitalise Koffie Verkeert with some nice ideas on how to conduct art business in the now (notice that neither the art centre nor the record store have hyperlinks to –what youths call– WEBSITES) or someone to rent an office space in the back of the store and help out with the rent.

They’re a nice bunch of guys, if you’re interested walk by the store (open thursday – sunday) located at the Van Speykstraat 145.

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  1. Gyz La Rivière
    Posted September 15, 2009 at 3:55 pm | Permalink

    Grappig dat dit de 777 post is! Heel vroom om dan aan je buur te denken ;)