crime jazz rip

A while ago, I guess it was 1998, two friends of mine named Deniz Alpay and Philip Powel started organising a thing called Crime Jazz. I had learned of it from Vincent who was deejaying at these parties or gettogethers that were later niftily subtitled ‘words, poetry and beyond’.

I didn’t really know what to make of these crime jazz things, I kinda felt ‘part of the family’ since I did my first on stage spoken word performances there (read short articles, made jokes, tried out poetry) and met a lot of cool people who were into the same, or into something else in which they tricked me to become into as well… anyway, it was nice. On the other hand, it grew into something not really my cup of tea. It wasn’t hard to define the thing that I wasn’t altogether for, but it was hard speaking out this feeling. In short, me and my friends started calling crime jazz ‘the black conciousness poetry night’ more and more often as it really became an issue. Black poets are, take it from me, great at excluding whites from their audiences. They come on stage looking like Lisa Bonet (which doesn’t have to be a bad thing) in a random Cosby episode (ouch!) and start off claiming ‘Great to see so many black people in the audience tonight!’. I mean… how many ways of interpreting the adlib ‘1love’ exist out there?

In the end (period 2005 – 2008) all I did was occasionally recite an article I occasionally wrote and even that ended when Powel got me off the job after I had threatened to get on stage and go on and on and on about the white race and how fucking amazing it was to see so many Caucasians in the crowd, hi-fiving some of them as I started a rant on Rubens, van Gogh, Marcel Duchamp and Elvis Costello, entitled ‘Say it Loud – I’m White… so what’. Anyway… I did get to see a lot of crazy stuff, like Saul Williams, (lots of) Gea Russel, (the beautiful) Earl Okin, Marjolijn van Heemstra and so on, but the very best I had seen was a guy called Kelsey, a guy so much into singing and playing the fender rhodes even god knows not what to make of this guy. I bought one of his ceedees, but can’t find the guy on the www anywhere. Too bad.

Since it is a sad thing to see Crime Jazz go (because of political hassle I don’t even want to get into right now) I made them a farewell gift in the form of a graphic poem in their publication ‘Crime Jazz 10 Years – 1998 – 2008’. It’s obviously about all the things I just wrote about and about my own inner visions turning somewhat pessimistic I guess. In a way it can be seen as the opposite of Obama’s ‘hope’ campaign and thus it could have also be titled no, we can’t, but it’s not, it’s called ‘revolution’. Besides, I can be moody.


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    lets talk about this
    on a superficial level, mind you

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    Wow, this is beautiful again dude!
    1love! Caucasians aanwezig!