do I care?

‘Do you care about what is happening in Iran?’, that’s the title to this facebook page. Pretty confronting question. Do I care? I don’t know, not much more I can do about it than ‘knowing it exists’. On the other hand, I merely disapprove of violence but I also know ‘democracy’ isn’t the answer either. Or not as we know it at least. Also ‘to care’ feels like a more active occupation than what I’m doing with it: nothing but being conscious of the fact that stuff like that is out there and perhaps worry ‘some’. All I can do now is show you a link to more spectacular images of a country on the brink of something big. Or maybe not. If I believed in anything the Iranians would be in my actual prayers. They’re on my blog instead.

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    Triest maar waar. Postuum veegt MJ al het nieuws over Iran in één klap van de voorpagina´s. Ik zie de mullah´s al moonwalken.