‘I fell in love with doing yoga.’ – Ione Skye


I’ve been doing yoga for a short while a couple years ago when suddenly my teacher had to quit and become a mother. Now, since last week I’m back in business. Took the introductory course last tuesday and dude did I stink. It wasn’t so obvious to me, I breathed badly, I couldn’t move the way I had moved earlier and I was sweating like a giant pig. Balance to me is probably merely a word, in other words ‘serious amounts of practice from now on and a lot of work to be done’.

It shouldn’t become much of a problem though, Marijke my new teacher is pretty, pretty, pret-ty good and the place itself is amazing. Marijke (who used to be my neighbour back in the day) lives in Charlois, which is a part of Rotterdam (South) I had not seen so often, but actually is quite beautiful. She found us a Japanese dojo right in the middle of the old part of Charlois which is just amazing. It’s surrounded by a stunning garden (designed by Kees Ouwens) and is otherwise used for lessons in Japanese language, Za Zen courses and kendo practice. And now, since last week, there’s Marijke’s yoga lessons (for beginners).

Now if you don’t know what yoga is exactly and you’re like ‘Dude, yoga!? Are you for real?’ this might be the correct time to inform you on the effect yoga has had on me last time I tried it. Now let me start by describing myself as a hopeful nihilist, open to all sorts of powers and always trying to find meaning to events and situations, no matter how far-fetched or metaphorical. I’m also kind of gloomy at times and I sometimes suspect life to be nothing but irony. Now yoga helped me not to care too much about all that and be simply glad to be alive as its meditations made me realize fire, water, air and earth are here to be celebrated by us and not be ridiculed, hated or taken for granted. Physical yoga exercise made me realize that it’s a waste of time to feel bad about yourself. So yes, I am serious about this yoga thing. It pretty much calms my nerves and makes me less disappointed to be only human (and not some kick ass bird, a palm tree on the beach, a cucumber, a soft breeze, or a great white shark making a jump out of the water).

I think there’s still room for some more people, so if you’re interested call Marijke at 06 23 6456 63.

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    T’ai Chi does that for me.