Kuifje en de Alfa-kunst


Tintin and Alph-Art (French: Tintin et l’alph-art) is the twenty-fourth and final book in the Tintin series.

Hergé worked on the book until his death in 1983, and it was published posthumously (despite its unfinished status) in 1986 by Casterman in association with La Fondation Hergé, and was republished in 2004 with further material.

A number of pirated versions of the story exist, finished by other artists. The first was produced by an artist under the name of Ramó Nash (Ramó Nash is of course a deterioration of Ramó Nash (who is the artist in the comic book who makes those Alph-Art works)). The second, and more renowned, is by Canadian artist Yves Rodier. Originally drawn and printed (privately) in black-and-white, a color version was produced a few years ago. Here on this link you can download the whole finished book (in color). Yeah!

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    Alph-Art uitspreken en men weet wat RG eigenlijk zegt…
    Deze pagina is overigens zeer Humobistisch: