oh was ik maar een vrouw…


My friend Marcel Wiebenga (AKA Het Baronnetje van de Dresselhuysstraat AKA De Urban Prins AKA Der Versucher AKA De Rotterdamse Bongo Koning AKA Marcel Alexander Wiebenga de Eerste AKA Marcel Guiding) lives and works in Amsterdam. Where he lives is not your business, where he works however could very well be. Sizzer is a company that makes audio and advertising meet. As a sort of music buff season’s greetings they collected a number of obscure Christmas carols and put ’m on an MP3 player. I knitted the background (following the strict orders of one art director coincidentally also named Marcel Wiebenga) and it turned out quite nice. Or, find out how that turned out yourself right here. I knitted it using a piece of adobe software which shall go nameless for licentional reasons. Hey, I might be the Homey Universalis, I’m not God. Or even Sas.

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    I could teach you any time… (even you!) ;-)