The New Brando

I’ve written of my love for war in films earlier on this site so I won’t now, but there’s something I’d like to share with you all simply because I write on this blog and writing them little posts is basically what a blogholder does. Anyway, I’m (finally) watching Band of Brothers (2001). Sander who has interned here has the complete series on DVD and I tricked him into lending it to me. Now in this series one Neil McDonough stars as 1st lieutenant Buck Compton ‘a hell of a combat leader’. I don’t know if it’s because of the brothers dug in deep in their foxholes in the Belgian Ardennes or because of something else, but the acting of this (actually not a very) young man gets me aroused in a non sexual manner. I haven’t seen acting the way he does it in a long time. It reminds me of Newman in Cat on A Hot Tin Roof, Cassavetes in Rosemary’s Baby and most of all of Brando in… well practically everything he was in. It’s the sort of theatrical acting that’s in a way theatrical, yet it isn’t at all. You know what I mean? It’s actually pretty close to ‘the real thing’, but it isn’t, it’s more beautiful… or more driven, more radical than actual human behaviour, but by believing it, it’s like saying you belive in a more radical, a more outspoken human race. I don’t know if this is a good or a bad thing now, but I guess it’s kind of ‘out of fashion’ to act like that nowadays.

When checking his IMDb status my notion on that type of acting got confirmed. To my surpise, Neil mainly works for TV in series such as ‘Martial Law’, ‘Profiler’ or ‘Diagnosis Murder’, he was the voice of Dr. Bruce Banner in the animated series ‘The Incredible Hulk’, lieutenant Hawk in ‘Star trek: First Contact’, and in a most recent performance Neil portrayes Dave Williams in Desperate Housewives, a show I saw only once and will never see again. Hopefully Neil McDonough will be starring in more ‘serious’ roles soon. I could imagine him and Philip Seymour H. in a sort of Thelma and Louise with guys kinda flick, now that would be something. Hey casting agents, are you paying attention?!?