Tourism 9 / Kraftwerk

I just read the other day in the program-folder of the STRP festival this cool quote from Laurent Garnier:

‘Rotterdam looks like the music of Kraftwerk and Liverpool doesn’t look like the music of The Beatles’. Which is a pretty cool quote! Do cities look like music? Well I know one thing, if you have time between April 2nd and 4th, you should go to the STRP festival in Eindhoven, and find out for yourself what the music for Eindhoven is. And untill the 13th you can check out the Poème Electronique –the Le Corbusier, Edgar Varèse, Xenakis and Philips superb installation ‘Philips Paviljoen’ at the World Expo (1958, Bussels)– special, with lectures, presentations and what not?

Enfin, I just downloaded two songs from Quando Quango. A band that is originally from Rotterdam (from the early eighties). And the only band from here that was on the Factory Records label (To stay a bit towards Peter Saville, or Rufus latest post). One of the bandmembers was Mike Pickering who threw parties and booked bands at HAL4 (Utopia) in Rotterdam.

In my flyer’dam book I referred to him:

Take HAL4. Now it’s youth theatre, but in the eighties the entire Neue Deutsche Welle was flowing through the Maas River. New Order had their European kick-off here and a certain Mike Pickering, who was to be right there at the Hacienda when the house revolution was just starting off.

to finish it up: See you next time, world tourists!